3 vehicle issues that should make you stop your car.

The safest action to take is to pull over.

Here are 3 common signs of vehicle problems that should make you pull off the road immediately:

1. Sudden Changes in steering.

Steering problems are easy to notice, as the steering wheel usually faces sudden changes in how it feels and reacts. Whether the steering wheel starts suddenly moving to one direction or wobbling back and forth, changes in handling are always a problem that should make you pull over.
There are various reasons why the handling may change suddenly. While it may be something simple like the road surface, there is also a chance of it being much more significant, such as a loose wheel or blown tire.

2. Loud sounds from engine

While not necessarily a vehicle problem, any loud and sudden noises you hear while driving should make you pull over immediately. It might be nothing at all – maybe you’ve just driven over a piece of debris on the road – but it could very well be a more serious issue with the engine.
Even just pulling over to take a quick look at the engine is well worth doing should you hear a loud, unexpected noise.
3. Steam Appears. Check engine light on.

A rather obvious problem that most people will stop for, any type of steam or smoke bellowing from the hood of a vehicle is a sure sign something is wrong.

Steam often indicates issues with the cooling system, which may result in overheating and potential engine damage.

Smoke is a clear sign that there is a serious issue with some part of your vehicle, most likely a fire in the engine. Thankfully most people are aware that this is a clear indicator that you should pull over immediately, which is always the course of action to take when smoke appears. 

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