4 Benefits of Heated Windshield Wiper Blades

Heated windshield wiper blades are truly the new frontier of winter gear for cars, both professional plow trucks and regular everyday automobiles alike. Heated windshield wiper blades, unlike standard blades, contain a heating component designed to help you deal with icy cold weather without having to resort to dethawing liquids or harsh scraping tools. If you’ve yet to try out heated windshield wiper blades or still aren’t convinced of their benefits, consider the following top 4 benefits of using heated windshield wiper blades this winter.4 Benefits of Heated Windshield Wiper Blades

No more frustrating ice build up

In cold conditions, it’s easy for ice to build up on your wiper blades, resulting in a frustrating, lengthy and even dangerous driving experience. With ordinary wipers, you may need to turn your blades to the highest setting in the hopes that the quick speed will prevent ice from building up–but this isn’t always effective, and you may end up having to pull over your car to manually remove the ice. If it’s snowing or conditions are bad, this could mean you have to pull over multiple times just for one trip! With heated blades, the built-up ice or snow is melted automatically without the need for extreme wiper speeds or manual labour.

They’re automatic and easy to use

Heated wiper blades are connected to the defrost system in your car or vehicle and are designed to automatically turn on when the sensors detect that it is below freezing. This means that you won’t have to worry about turning on the wipers when you think there might be ice, or wondering if it’s cold enough for ice to form—the wipers themselves do all the thinking (and turning on!) for you.

It’s ideal for plowing and emergency vehicles

Heated wipers are great for any kind of vehicle, but they are especially ideal when used on plowing and emergency vehicles. This is due to the fact that emergency vehicles do not have the luxury of spending spare time pulling over and dealing with ice manually; but untouched ice build up can be dangerous for emergency vehicles trying to get to houses or people who need assistance, due to the fact that ice build up causes vision-clouding streaks on the windshield. With heated windshield wipers, however, emergency vehicles no longer have to worry about seeing through ice streaks or dealing with the ice manually, saving precious minutes that could mean the difference between life and death for people in need of emergency help.

They are reasonably priced for what they provide

Heated windshield wipers are more expensive than ordinary windshield wipers, but this extra cost should come as no surprise since they take more money and parts to manufacture. The extra cost is very reasonable considering all of the benefits they provide, and the fact that they last much longer than ordinary wipers which can easily become damaged through the winter seasons where ice and snow build up damage and eventually weaken the plastic used to make them.

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