4 Fantastic Varieties of Car Covers

You might have a tough time when you have to choose a car cover for the first time. Not to mention the not-so-common descriptions and the common descriptions, like woven, flannel, water-resistant, breathable, indoor, and outdoor which are rather confusing. The marketing names, like UltraTect, Noah, and others, make is much worse for the first timers who wish to cover their cars.

A lot goes into choosing the right car cover, from the environment where it’s parked to the car and the different weather conditions your care might be exposed to. You’ll have a better idea to choose your car cover once you decide these criteria and learn more about the different types of cover for your car.

Here’s a list of car covers to help you with your choice:

  1. Woven or non-woven cover

You can narrow down the selection when you choose between woven and non-woven cover. Most woven covers are thinner than the non-woven ones, it might be easy to clean in your home washer. They are usually less bulky, provide free flow of air, and prevent moisture from building underneath them.

Non-woven covers are made from polypropylene material, which is not the case with woven ones. You might notice most non-woven covers are multi-layered, making them stronger and thicker than the traditional woven covers. Because of this multilayered protection, your cars are prevented from major dings and dents. The multilayers make non-woven covers to be bulky and heavy to store and wash.

  1. Breathable cover

The first thing you must look for while choosing car covers is to make sure they are breathable. Your car covers breathable feature makes it repel water, on the flipside allows moisture to escape. It’s crucial for the moisture to escape from your car cover, if otherwise, the moisture will land up in your car’s paint and ruin the paint job.

  1. Waterproof covers

Most people think water-resistant might mean waterproof, which might not be the case in reality with most car covers. The regular water-resistant covers might do the job when it’s a light rain, however, heavy rains might not do any good with most covers. Fortunately, water might not do any harm unless they are allowed to evaporate.

  1. Indoor and outdoor covers

Indoor covers help you keep dust and debris off, you might be able to keep your car’s finish last long from things that can possibly come in contact with your car. Just a small trash can or bicycle can do much harm to break your heart with a lasting dent on your prized car. You might have to spend the cost of an entire car cover just to remove one dent or scratch on your car.

Outdoor covers are made from extraordinary fabrics that can withstand harsh weather conditions. Most of them are handy to protect your cars from not just the dings, they have the potential to protect your car against ultraviolet rays.

Covers play a vital role to protect your thousand dollar dream car from harm’s way, it’s more like a necessity to have a car cover rather than a luxury. You might have to come out from the “cover is a cover” mentality and devote some time and money to find the best one for your prized car.

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