4 Reasons Why Buying A Used Vehicle Makes Sense Financially

If you are the kind of person who likes to save money, then buying a used car is one way Australians can save a packet. If you have a family, then your priorities change and you are after value for money and dependability, and not just prestige and looks. Used cars in Australia offer exceptional value for money, and cars nowadays last a lot longer than they used to. Saving a lot of money on the purchase price is one obvious benefit, but there are others to consider when buying a used car. Here are some good reasons why buying a used car is best.

  1. Avoid Depreciation – When you buy a new car, it loses about twenty percent of its value the moment it leaves the showroom. The car will then continue to lose an additional ten percent after only one year. You can get around that depreciation by buying a car that is one year old. It is difficult to find a car for sale this young, but you may just find a bargain when you look for used cars in Sydney. When you buy such a car, you will find that you can drive it, and then sell it on again for minimum loss.

  1. Save Money – Due to the car not being brand spanking new, the insurance for that vehicle will be quite a bit lower, due to its drop in value. Also, you can get more bang for your dollar by buying used, because you can get that high end car you have always wanted, as it is now three years old and your budget will cover the price. Manufacturers are not redesigning or remodelling their cars every year now, so the three year old car you are buying used, is the same new model that is in the showrooms now.

  1. Buy With Confidence – In the past, buying a used car was a bit of a lottery, because you had no idea of the car’s history, and those fifty thousand miles on the clock could quite possibly be one hundred and fifty. Thankfully, most used car dealers in the Sydney area, are able to provide histories of cars detailing previous owners, service history and any finance owing on the car. This means that when you purchase your used car, you know exactly what you are getting and you can buy with confidence.

  1. Great Value – Due to the fact that a car is three years old or less, it has been serviced regularly over the three year period and has gotten essential oil changes and filter changes. Modern cars now have fantastic engines and can go around the clock maybe three times. Driving a used car is like driving a new one, due to owners taking better care of their cars, and if you search around at the right used car dealer, you are sure to find a gem.

Buying a used car is the sensible choice due to the massive savings that can be had, and the car itself, will drive like new. If you are thinking of buying new, please look at the used car options before you do. I think, you will be pleasantly surprised at what’s available for the budget that you have.

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