5 Driving Habits that are damaging your car

We all know how much of an investment it is to buy a new car. The money, time and effort it takes to maintain the car is a small price to pay for the safety and guarantee you should feel every time you drive your car. However, everyone has different driving styles and some of these styles might not be good for the car. These are many ways that dangerous driving can impact the effectiveness and functionality of your car. Bad driving can affect your brakes, tyres, steering and even your stopping distance. This post has been created to help guide inexperienced drivers on their way to properly caring for their cars.

Driving with low fuel

While it may seem like a clever idea to use up all your fuel in one go so as not to be carrying around the extra weight. This is in fact a harmful practice to your engine; industry experts recommend not going below 1/4th of a fuel tank. When you get to low or empty your engine is likely to suck up all the grime and detritus at the bottom of the tank. This can overwhelm your fuel filter and lead to this being filtered into your engine.

Harsh Braking

This one is perhaps one of the more obvious ones on the list. Speeding off then slamming breaks when you meet another car can seriously wear out the brake pads. Frequently doing this will result in premature wear and replacements being needed. It is important to remember that driving in the UK requires a minimum tyre tread of 1.6mm and breaking harshly can drastically affect your tyre tread. You can do the 20p tyre tread test by yourself at home to determine if your need to replace your tyres. You can check for tyres online if you need to replace your tyres at home or at work.

Not giving your engine time to warm up

When started from cold your engine needs some time to warm up and have oil circulate round the system. It’s important you drive it gently till it is full warmed up then you can open the throttle and enjoy the full performance.

Resting Your Hand on the Gear Knob

While the gear knob seems a convenient place to leave your hand. Keeping your hand there is detrimental to your car. By resting your hand on the gear knob, you force a little fork onto the gears, this can grind down and result in a large mechanic bill. If it’s quiet, you should be able to hear this noise although we don’t recommend it.

Not Letting your turbo charger cool down

More and more modern cars are coming equipped with turbochargers, they’re a handy little piece of equipment that forces more air into the engine improving the performance. However, they need time to cool down and turn off. After you park up leave the car running for about 30seconds – 1 minutes to make sure you keep the turbocharger in peak condition.

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