5 Myths on Car Maintenance Service You Shouldn’t Believe In

Car maintenance is that game that every player has to learn of his own. But the rumors about car maintenance spread from people who share their mistaken view from a lesson they have learnt from the repair shops. Here are five such myths on car maintenance, that are not to be believed.

  1. Independent repair shops are cheaper than dealer service centers

According to the Genesis dealership, this is a myth that most car owners are made to believe. But there is a reason behind it. Mostly, people tend to count the amount of money they pay at the counter of a repair shop and forget about the additional costs they had to pay, after a couple of months behind the same repair again. But if you calculate the cost of a repair work, you cannot afford to subtract the amount that slipped out of your wallet after few days, even after the repair work was done. So, if independent repair shops ask for a lesser amount of money than the dealers, the reason behind the cheapness, is due to something that the dealers didn’t compromise with. It could be a replacement part or the labor charge that ensure quality over cheapness.

2: Modern cars are maintenance-free

Apparently speaking the recent day cars certainly have loads of reasons to have less frequent visits to the repair shop, as the driver assistance features help in reducing collisions, while the automatic transmissions and other systems depend lesser on the driver to remain intact. But the requirement of oil and fluid changes and replacement of parts like engine air filter and cabin air filters doesn’t free these cars from maintenance.

  1. Mechanics scales up repair bills with more work excuses.

This is a very common belief in people that mechanics at repair shops often scale up the total price of the bill by showing the requirement of more work than you asked for. But in reality, this isn’t the case. If a mechanic is suggesting more repair work, he is adding up his work too and not asking money for a work not done. On the contrary, as a professional he knows the internal links that affect the performance of each other and therefore he suggests a repair work for the related parts.

  1. Mechanics suggest replacement to reduce their hard work

As learnt from the Riverside Genesis, when a specific part of your car gets damaged or worn out, mechanics are most likely to suggest a part replacement instead of a repair work. This might irk a few customers who think, it is a trick of the mechanic to pump up the price while reducing his own hard work. In realty, many car parts, especially the safety feature ones can’t be repaired, and it isn’t recommendable either. In other cases, a repair work might cost the same as replacing the part for a new.

  1. Owners should not meddle with their cars

It is a misconception that car maintenance is not the owner’s cup of tea. It should always be done by the mechanic. In reality, few basic maintenance works do ask for the owner’s care. If one learns the steps, it would save him a big sum of money at the repair shop counter.

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