5 Reasons to choose Hero Maestro over Honda Activa

With the ever-increasing demand in the scooter segment in India, a wide range of such two-wheelers have been made available in the market. While some of them were silent sales churner, some of them have gone on to hit the purple patch and become huge hits in the market.

The way Hero MotoCorp upgraded the Maestro scooter into the Hero Maestro Edge is praiseworthy. With the upgrade, the scooter has the potential to become the segment leader and the growth has been phenomenal.

But on the way to the ultimate top, stands the Honda Activa, which has been a parallel name for scooters. It is presently the highest selling two-wheeler in India and notches up more number of sales unit than any of the motorcycles.

So is the new Hero Maestro good enough to pin down a rival with such a humongous record? Of course, it does. All we know is that it is just the early days for the Maestro and there are plenty more to come, for sure.

Better design and stylish new alloy wheels are just a few out of the many benefits that the Maestro has over the Activa. Here are the reasons why we think that the Hero Maestro Edge should be chosen over the Honda Activa:

The suspension

The Hero Maestro Edge is suspended over Telescopic Hydraulic shock absorbers in the front wheel, which is very much the first in the segment. The Honda Activa, on the other hand, is loaded with the regular and outdated spring loaded hydraulic suspension on both ends. The better suspension offers a more comfortable ride on uneven roads or on the ones with a lot of speed breaking bumps.

Wheel size

The Hero Maestro Edge has a bigger wheel at the front. The front wheel is 12-inch in size and offers better stability and ride control. The Honda Activa has a smaller wheel in the front, which offers less stability than the Maestro. It rides on 10-inch wheels on both the ends.

External fuel filler

The Hero Maestro Edge has an external fuel filler, which can be controlled without even getting down from the seat. The filler cap can be undone by just ignition key right at the front of the rider. Just twist the key one more time and the cap is unlocked. The Activa lacks such a convenient factor.

Overall efficiency

The Hero Maestro Edge, as claimed by the company, has a fuel efficiency of 65 kms per litre. However, on regular traffic conditions, the mileage varies anywhere around 55 kms per hour making it extremely efficient. The Honda Activa is efficient too, but has a marginally smaller fuel tank capacity, which reduces the overall economy in heavy traffic conditions. The Hero scooter has a top speed of around 85 kms per hour with single rider and around 80 kms per hour with a pillion. The Maestro, despite being more powerful and having a higher revving engine, is extremely fuel efficient, which is really commendable.


The power production in both the scooters is nearly the same as both are powered by a 110 cc engine. However, the Hero Maestro Edge has higher engine revs which makes it all the more responsive. To get into further details, the single cylinder engine of the Maestro makes a maximum power of 8.3 bhp at 8,000 revs per minute along with a maximum torque of 8.3 Nm at 6,500 revs per minute. Note that the Maestro gets such rev figures despite being extremely fuel efficient.

The Honda Activa is less responsive. However, the scooter has higher torque on offer, with the maximum being 8.83 Nm at just 5,500 revs per minute. It makes slightly lesser power than the Maestro with the maximum being 8 bhp at 7,500 revs per minute.


The Honda Activa has been extremely successful, for sure. But nothing lasts forever I guess. Not that the scooter is down already, it is still the highest selling two-wheeler. However, the kind of features that the Maestro offers, it might not be long before it overtakes and becomes the most loved scooter of India.

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