6 Steps To Take Before You Buy A New Car

When the time comes to replace your old car with a brand new model, you’ll want to enter into the decision with confidence. After all, this will be the vehicle you’ll be driving around for years to come, and it’s one of the most important purchases you’ll make this year. You’ll need to plan and prepare carefully to make sure you don’t spend more than necessary or come away with the wrong vehicle for your needs. Follow these steps and the buying process will be sure to go smoothly.

  • Work out how you’re going to get your car. If you’re ordering a new car from a dealership, it may be travelling quite a distance before it reaches your driveway. You may need to contact an interstate car transport company to organise the move, so make sure you find a business you can trust and rely on to move your precious cargo to your front door.  
  • Know your budget. Work out your full budget and assess exactly how much you can afford to spend on monthly repayments, deposits, or upfront payment on a vehicle. Give yourself a strict bracket for spending on the new car and make a commitment not to go over the upper limit, regardless of how well the salesperson sweet talks you. This will give you a great guide to start with when you begin your search. Don’t forget to factor in the possible extra fees and taxes involved in the car purchase along with its original price.
  • Seek out a loan. If you’ll be purchasing your new vehicle with a bank, credit card or dealership loan, it’s sensible to reach the preapproval stage before you make any major decisions about your purchase. Research lenders first so that you’re able to shop around for the best interest rates and deals, and then fill out all the relevant applications. This way, you’ll know how much you’re really looking at in terms of monthly repayments, and how much you’re able to fit into your budget. To apply for your loan, you’ll probably need your employment and salary details, as well as bank statements and a credit record.
  • Find out how much your current vehicle is worth. Auto trades can be a great way to swap in your old car for a better model. Speak to dealerships in your area that specialise in the type of vehicle you drive, and find out if you may be eligible for any special trade-in deal. This could save you a significant amount of money.
  • Do plenty of research. There are so many car magazines, websites and blogs available today that there’s no excuse not to do lots of research before you settle on a vehicle model. Read buy reviews, get up to date on the latest news, and gather as much information as you can to help you choose your new car.
  • Schedule a test drive. Once you’ve narrowed down your options, make sure you schedule a proper test drive before you make a final decision. Track down a dealership in your local area that has the exact model you’re looking for available to test drive and then take it for a spin to make sure it feels smooth and comfortable on the road and has all the features you need.  



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