All Cars Brands Logos, History & All Top Class Cars Models

Cars and car logos and their history have always been the most exciting topic for a number of automobile fans. While some state that all cars brands logos are just a symbol of the manufacturing brand, there are others who have taken that extra step to mention about their history and how these logos have evolved.

Let us have a look at the history of the some of the logos of the world famous cars.

Subaru logo

Let’s first talk about Subaru. This brand has 6 stars as its logo with one star being the biggest. This has been named after the Japanese word which symbolizes Pleiades star cluster. This represents all those 6 companies that have come together to form the Fuji Heavy Industries.

The second on our list is Mercedes-Benz, which has a three pointed star as the logo and this has the history which can be dated back to 1870. This symbolizes the time when Gottlieb Daimler had sent a post card to his wife with one star on it and this emerged as his desire to see this three pointed star on the top of all their establishments which symbolizes “the land, sea and the air”.

Chevrolet has the symbol of a “bowtie” which was first said to have been used in the year 1914 and it was taken from a hotel room in France where the founder William Durant was residing.

Lamborghini is another car brand which has good history to its logo. The logo which has a fighting bull actually spent time a breeder of Spanish bulls by the name Don Eduardo Miura and its effect was so much on him that he decided a raging bull to be a logo of his brand. This brand was also known to have produced some Classic Muscle Cars.

The other brand which is World famous is the BMW which represents a rotating propeller has a history too. While many of them believe that this is a myth and not a reality. Actually, BMW wanted to make use of the same Rapp logo along with the layout.

We can find a number of online resources which talk more about each car brand and its logo and history. They also provide the Old Vintage Cars List and this is indeed a delight for the vintage car lovers.

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