All you need to know about racing clutch!

Are you a novice racer? Well, if you are looking forward to take your racing game to another level then it is important to have right gears and accessories, as this would help you to enjoy and fly while driving.

With so many options available, it becomes much more important to know about the different products that are doing the round so that you can choose the best option. One thing that play a pivotal role when it comes to racing  and that is racing clutch and if you are not aware of the same then it is important to take ride, so that you can easily have the adrenaline rush and throttle.

So many different type of racing clutch, that is available in the market that it becomes difficult to choose the right one. To help you spend your money on the right product here we are going to unveil about different types of racing clutch that you will find in the market.

Different Types of racing clutch!

With each passing day, automotive world is thriving on dynamism and this is why it is important to know about the latest addition so that you can easily take off without much issue and hassle. Let us quickly see types of racing clutch that you will find in the market.

  • Basic friction clutch:  It is commonly use in the friction clutch in the cars and that has normal components that you already know as it is widely used. It is operated hydraulically or with the help of the cable and in this type a pressure plate is used to release the bearing to engross and unfasten the flywheel and apart from that transmission. Mostly single simple plate is used as but for high-powered cars multi plate is installed.
  • Wet and Dry friction Clutch: Wet clutches have multiple clutch plates, have a supply of oil that helps in keeping it lubricated, and at the same time it cool down the component. As we know with higher the torque more will be the friction, and the temperature will increase automatically, therefore it is necessary to have coolant that would certainly help you to perform without any issue.

These two above mentioned are types of clutch that you will find in the market so it is important to choose in accordance with the level of your racing

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