All You Need to Know about the GMC Teen Driver Technology

When you have a teen at home, it is hard to keep them away from grabbing your car keys. But safe driving from them is all we can pray for, knowing very well, we cannot expect. Realizing the gravity of situation few automotive manufacturers came forward with a set of solutions through technology. GMC is one of them. They have incorporated a driving tool for the teenagers to develop safe driving habits and it is now a popular term making rounds among the car lovers, calling it the Teen Driver technology.

The Teen Driver Technology

The Salinas GMC dealerships described the Teen Driver technology as one of the standard equipment in almost all GMC lineup cars, that features a guiding technique for the teens so that they can develop safe driving habits. The Teen Driver technology in the GMC cars can be described as a program that requires the equipped vehicle key fob to get activated within the system of the car. It even includes an industry-first report that consists of a feedback on how well are they at driving.

Once the Teen Driver Technology is activated, the key fob would limit a few safety features from being switched off. Moreover, the report card would come with the details of the distance they have driven, what was their maximum speed, how many times they have received over speed warnings, and a list of other driving events, that can inform the parents on how to improve the driving standards of their children.


The Teen Driver comes with loads of extra safety features like, Speed warning that can be programmed to create the alert between 40 and 75 mph, Speed limiter, Audio volume limit, Traction Control, Daytime Running Lamps/ Automatic Light Control, Forward Automatic Braking, Forward Collision Alert, Front Pedestrian Braking, Lane Keep Assist with Lane Departure Warning, Reverse Automatic Braking, Rear Cross Traffic Alert, Side Blind Zone Alert, Front and Rear Park Assist.

What it Does

The GMC cars that have been registered with the Teen Driver with a key fob can be ensured with the following safety measures:

  • When the Teen Driver is active, a message would appear in the Driver Information Centre as an alert.
  • The Audio system would not work if the driver or the front passenger has not fastened the safety belts.
  • Report Card would keep accumulating driving data with every drive
  • Parents are allowed to create a custom PIN to add more features.

How to Use

The GMC dealer near Salinas shared the way the Teen Driver can be used:

  • To register key fobs a PIN number has to be generated, which would work while changing the Settings, or access and delete the Report Card data.
  • To start the Teen Driver, select “Teen Driver” from the vehicle settings menu displayed on the infotainment screen when the vehicle is parked.
  • Now enter the PIN and Select “Key Registration” to follow on-screen instructions.
  • To receive detailed information on activation and use of Teen Driver on a GMC vehicle, refer the user’s manual.

Final Thoughts

As we are going ahead with a progressive society, teens are becoming more and more independent and experimenting. Though ideal, it is not a feasible idea to hold them back for long. Rather teaching them good driving habits would help in growing them up as responsible citizens. An initiative like Teen Driver Technology definitely spreads an awareness on this issue and help the parents with some basic safety assurance.

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