An Inspiring Business Story of Jackson motors

Established in 1928 as a Ford only dealership in the north of Tasmania, this company now deals with several premium brands of cars like Audi, Suzuki and Volkswagen. It has expanded into hospitality, tourism, construction, development and built many prestigious projects like the Pepper seaport hotel, Albeura street apartments, Launceston waterfront project, and The York cove hotel and so on. It is the leading automotive dealer for premium new and used cars having dealerships all over Australia.  They have experienced staff and qualified technicians, in house finance and insurance services. The name of the company is Jackson Motor Company.      

This company provides outstanding service to its customers in all the areas like car sales, service, finance, warranties and spare parts with the help of professional, qualified and enthusiastic employees who are always willing to help. They also provide excellent trade in deals for your cars. They offer finance and warranty solutions at competitive rates for purchasing cars. They also finance cars purchased from other dealers. You will find experienced finance specialists at all their dealerships to assist you with the various financing options available depending on your requirement and budget.

This company adds long term value to your cars by providing services like window tint, surface coating and scratch and dent programs. They stock various car care products to suit the budget and need of the customers. These services increase the performance, safety and security of the vehicle.

They provide various replacement spare parts, tyres and accessories like tow bars, canopies, side steps, weather shields, tub lines according to the manufacturer specifications of different brands like Audi, Ford, Subaru, Mitsubishi. The experienced part interpreters are always ready to advise the customers in finding the right fit for their vehicles.  The employees at JMC are highly motivated and know the importance of their role in creating the market leading business brand. Each employee contributes to the overall goal of the company in serving the customers up to highest standards. This dedication of the employees helped the company to achieve many awards and accolades like the number 1 prestige brand in Hobart 2015, Audi Quattro club 1st pace rural marketer award 2015 Volkswagen provincial dealer of the year 2015.

Jackson Motor Company also has meeting and conference facilities at their dealerships and hotels offering board rooms, meeting rooms and showrooms.  These facilities are equipped with projector, Wi-Fi and Tele conferencing facilities. The dealerships also host various events like dinners, cocktail parties and networking parties. The customers are offered on site parking, lounges and waiting areas, free Wi-Fi and refreshments like coffee and tea.
Apart from doing business they also believe in giving back to the society and supporting the local community of Tasmania. They sponsor various sporting, cultural and vocational activities in the area and support the community through various programs like financial aid and employee participation.

This is the story of a company which not only reached great heights and expanded into multiple sectors but also believes in serving its customers with great enthusiasm and serving the society back by partnering with a lot of NGOS and supporting various community initiatives.


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