Automotive Technology from Chevrolet

Are you the owner of a Chevrolet vehicle? Did you experience the amazing technological support you receive while driving a Chevrolet?  Here is a brief of the automotive technologies that are used by Chevrolet.

To keep pace with the latest technological advancements, Chevrolet is bringing in the array of automotive technologies with every model it launches on road. Be it safety, ease of driving, fuel efficiency or performance, Chevrolet leaves no stone unturned to take the best of technologies and implementing them. These are only brief descriptions, on how they work in a Chevrolet know more visit the York Chevy dealership

Adaptive Cruise Control

This is the feature responsible to enhance the regular Cruise Control that allows a vehicle to follow a detected vehicle going ahead automatically. At the driver’s end, it is only a matter of selecting the gap of following it, while steering. This technology takes up the charge of braking and accelerating, unless it is really necessary to intervene.

Automatic Park Assistance

This feature is to help the driver park the vehicle automatically both parallelly or perpendicularly. It guides the steering process into a detected space parking through text commands. The driver only needs to select the gear, and the feature takes all the burden of braking and acceleration.

Forward Collision Alert and Automatic Braking

It is the system that detects the probability of a front-end collision while following a vehicle. It creates alerts for the driver whenever there is any crash potential. It even prevents the driver when he is following a vehicle from too much proximity. It applies the brakes automatically, whenever there is a probability of collision especially if the driver has not applied the brakes by then. It can even help in avoiding the collision by slowing down the speed.

Lane Departure Warning

There is another system creating alerts to help the drivers avoiding collisions because of sudden drifting out of the proper lane and when the turn signals are not activated.

Pedestrian Braking

The system is able to detect whenever any pedestrian is ahead and is too close. It applies the brakes if b then the driver has not applied it.

Side Blind Spot Alert

The Side Blind Spot Alert consists of the ultrasonic sensors present on both the sides of the vehicles that help the driver “look” for any other vehicle that are coming near to the Side Blind Zone areas and automatically warns him with the LED-lit symbols through the corresponding mirrors.


ISOFIX is a name given to the rigid fixing system that is specifically designed to lock the child’s car seat automatically without using an adult safety belt. Rather, the child’s car seat would be attached to the frame of the car securely and directly.

Seamless Connectivity Everywhere

Chevrolet makes sure that you stay connected throughout your journey and saves you through its intuitive features keeping your car in full control, and the driver sets firmly with the system in command.

To know more about connectivity, contact the York Chevy dealer.

Concluding Notes

Chevrolet has imbibed the latest automotive technology to create a convenient atmosphere to the drivers a well as the passengers. These technologies take care of the small mistakes that could lead to larger mishaps and thus makes the driving experience a learning session too.

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