Bring back stylish to your damaged car

A new car is always looking stylish, even other than the owner likes the stylish of the car, watching one minute the number and the registration details. When the car is in good condition, owner never missing to do the water wash by himself, he is not even trusting others to do this job, because he loves his car, it takes him smoothly and with music sound while driving the car. One the owner meets an accident, unfortunately, the complete car is damaged shape of the car is collapsed he is feeling guilty to see his car at this condition actually; the mistake was not with him while on the accident.

The opposite person drunk and drive his car and made a big accident, fortunately owner escaped because he was wearing seat belt. He feels more about his car, searching a nice service center to repair his car, same time, while informing about the accident to his friend, his friend informs him to visit, a site he has no time to visit that site, but he is speaking to many friends only about his damaged cars, and everyone is informing only about this,  owner now speaking with the service center, the service center is providing all details about the car servicing and bringing the shape to good condition. The owner is quite happy, why he is much happy means; he went a place for his car service which is recognized by many people so the service would be good. Unless there is any specialty any person would not be recommending a car service, only that makes him to send his car to that particular service center. The service center is tuning the car only with computers. The computer is already programmed; workers are working based on the instruction of the computer. The shape of the car is regained in short time; car is delivered to the owner.

Normally, all car service centers are working manually, the center appoints service engineers with the qualification of automobile engineering, the workers are unable to do the repairs at the right time, so the service center takes, long and very long time to shape the car. At the same time, fully equipped service center is repairing the car, in less days, this is the difference between manually worked car and fully equipped car service centers. A programmed computer is costly at the same time, a computer can be installed all automobile software. This is easily possible for all car service centers, but many service centers are not interested to spend this amount but giving more workload to the workers, who studied auto mobile engineering, is working as cheap labors, therefore, these engineers are not much interested to do the work without up graduation of the service center.

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