Bring Your Old Chevy to Back to Life with These Simple Steps

Chevrolet is one of the most loved names in the automobile world for a reason. This Detroit-based giant has given and continues to give us many cars that we cherish. Who can forget the Chevy muscle cars on yesteryears, which didn’t only make a statement on the roads but also excelled in reliability and performance as well? Some of us are lucky enough to still own or have inherited these beauties. In case you are not so blessed in this case, visit the Rockville Chevrolet Dealer and browse through their wide pre-owned inventory to try your luck. Here are some steps that can help owners of these classic cars restore the life in their Chevrolets and get them roaring on the road again.

Braking System

This must top your priority list when it comes to restoring your car. The braking system in Chevy cars built pre-1967 consisted of a single reservoir master cylinder which is too risky for daily driving at the moment. Certain companies offer affordable conversion kits that provide you the necessary equipment to make a dual reservoir master cylinder compatible with your braking setup. In case your car still has drum brakes, the easiest way out is to go for a disc brake conversion.

Cooling System

This is another essential aspect that might require changing. Even a perfectly functioning cooling system might leave your engine a little warmer than desired, especially if your car has been sitting in the garage for a couple of years. It’s best to inspect and replace the heater hoses and radiator.


It is true that the tires and wheels of a classic Chevy can make or break the car’s look. However, it is also obvious that putting a ten-year-old tire on the roads is extremely dangerous, no matter how much tread it has left on it. Do not forget to check the date codes on your tires and act accordingly. Signs like dry rot, uneven tread wear or irregular places on the sidewall are enough to indicate that the tire needs to be changed.

Charging and Wiring

Though classic cars sport much simple wiring, it is no less frustrating trying to fix it when something suddenly goes awry. Hence, it is better to completely replace the wirings before your Chevy hits the road. Also, we suggest you simplify your charging system with the help of a one-wire alternator. You could also leave all the above hard work to the skilful servicing hands of the Chevrolet Dealer Rockville to ensure the perfect replacements and treatment of your Chevy.


Since you are investing your time and money in your Chevy, it is only fair to give it the complete protection. We are talking both paint as well as the interiors. Get a paint protection film for the exterior and rubber mats and Indian blanket seat covers for a protected interior. Also, certain policies can limit the number of miles you can drive in your classic car. So make sure you have a clear idea about this before hitting the road.

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