Buying Car at Auction: Step By Step Guide

Auctions are the events where you bet that you know the car you want, that you can know a car’s fault and strengths, that you know its actual worth, and that you are cool-headed enough to stop bidding where required. The best part of auctions is that they host rare cars that are not found everywhere. Auctions also allow you to stay away from dealer mark-ups or extremely determined owners.

Here in this post, you will find some tips to make the overall experience enjoyable.

1.   Read Catalog

Go through the auction catalog closely; when attending Japan car auction online, you can check the online catalog. The model may be far-famed, but what’s its history? Do the numbers match? Was it rebodied? Is it a re-creation or a tribute? Does it have a thorough ownership trail? Does it seem inappropriate at this sale?

2.   Attend Auction

Agree! You can bid by your phone, but would you actually buy a car that you hadn’t personally seen? Had anyone ever purchased a vehicle on eBay that is better than your expectations?

3.   Register

Sign up as early as possible and provide evidence that you have got the money for purchasing your car. You’ll be requiring a credit card or a bank statement, and be ready to sign a contract that reveals the buyer’s premium. Arrive on time or else you have to face a long line; remember that the early bird gets the best car. List out the order of the cars and check when the ones you want to buy will cross the block.

4.   Examine

You need to check all the cars closely. Whether it is original or not, it has got the right color or not? Enlighten yourself on the model, or else you can also get help from an expert. Know the VIN codes or take somebody along who can. Check past the shine at the minutest details. Is the engine right? Does it leak, smoke, or create unusual noises? Is the body straight? Don’t forget to look at the documents. If the owner is available, inquire about the car’s history and the work that’s been done on the car. Cars that seem to be too good to be true perhaps are.

5.   Bidding

The bidding is best done at the place you can be viewed by auction ringmen. They peek at the crowd, so ensure you’re fairly close and that you can easily be seen. Hanging back and falling in the bidding late can at times work, but it can also create another bidding surge, as another bidder might think that they’re missing a bet. Determine your maximum price and don’t exceed it.

6.   Shipping

Shipping is last, but another most important step of the whole process. At auction houses, there are a number of reputable shippers who will carry your car on a trailer. Try not to drive it yourself and bog down in the boonies with heavy repair bills. Don’t forget that sales tax bill you have to pay; it takes effect at the place you’ll register your car.

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