Car Safety Features to Secure in Melbourne

With the roads more congested than ever, higher speed limits, and drivers that are behind the wheel when they shouldn’t be, safety features in cars are more important than ever. For drivers who are buying a new car, Pro Car Removal offers the following advice on safety features to look for.

Safety features are essential in a new car in Melbourne

Knowing what to look for in safety features is something all car buyers should be aware of before they set out to buy a car. There are many regulations intact that require specific safety features on all newly manufactured cars like front airbags, seatbelts with pre-tensioners, anti-lock brake systems, and Electronic Stability Control, as well as others. With so many new technologies it can be a challenge to understand.

Following is a list of safety features that you want your car to have when purchasing a new car.

  • Latch system – The latch system in the car is a protection for child passengers. The Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children (LATCH), the rear seats will have the hooks that are called the tether and lower anchors. These U-shaped rings or bars are where car seats are to be attached.
  • Backup Systems – Backup systems are slick, allowing drivers to easily back up with ease. The car is installed with the backup systems which alert drivers when they are close to bumping into something while backing up their cars.
  • Blind Spot Monitoring – Blind spots have always been a safety issue and a concern for drivers. With blind spot monitoring, sensors alert drivers when something is in their blind spots. The car may be installed with flashing lights on the side of mirrors, beepers, or the steering wheel may start to vibrate.
  • Lane Keep Assistance – For drivers that have a tendency to tire behind the wheel, the Lane Keep Assistance is a prime safety feature. The system is designed to recognise road lane markings and when drivers begin to drive outside of the road land markings they are alerted and once outside of the markings the car takes over and gently steers them back into their lane.
  • Forward Collision Warning – The Forward Collision Warning helps drivers to avoid frontal car collisions. The car warning system provides audible warnings that alert drivers that they are too close to the car in front of them.
  • Adaptive Headlights – The adaptive headlights are another prime safety feature that are great when travelling winding roads, during the dark hours, and areas where there are no lights. The headlights pivot as you turn, and follow the direction that the car goes.
  • Adaptive Cruise Control – The adaptive cruise control is a nifty devise that detects cars that are in front of the car with a radar system. The system senses their speeds and keeps the car at a safe distance from the cars ahead.

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