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Almost everything we buy consistently seems to be getting more costly these days, like a simple Subway sandwich costing $8 or more. While you can’t control all of these price increases, you still can focus on the things in your budget you do have complete control over, like the cost of your auto insurance. With an on-line internet connection, anyone can search for cheap car insurance rates every 6 months or less. You can search for the best automobile insurance quotes from all the top insurance carriers in a matter of a few minutes, so there’s just no excuse. At you can compare dozens of premium auto insurers and secure the very best vehicle coverage, with premiums that fit right into your budget.

Here are some of the common factors that determine insurance pricing and also some good tips that will help you get even cheaper automobile coverage.


1. The automobile you drive.

Interest loan rates are very low these days and that let’s consumers bring down their car payments, which leaves them with extra money in their budget. However, before you sign up on the dotted line with that fancy new automobile, first get a free rate

Check-up with Rodney D Young insurance. No matter how good of a motorist you are, your vehicle will be an important factor in  how much you end up paying for auto ins.

Auto insurers have compiled detailed information on every make and car model, including claims costs and repair bills associated with them. Automobiles you would think might be super cheap to insure, like the popular Honda Accord, are in reality more costly due to their consistent high theft rates. You can save hundreds annually on coverage by getting a comparable car like a Camry or Volvo. An important tip to remember is the more expensive your vehicle costs, the higher your premiums will be. Check with Rodney D. Young car insurance and get free quotes on the car you are considering buying first, so you make sure you can afford the premiums.

2. The Amount of Miles you drive.

If you don’t drive too much, less than 1,000 miles per month, you can find some really cheap car insurance quotes because insurers base the premiums they charge on risk. The more miles you drive, the greater accident exposure you have and carriers build this into their pricing algorithms. If you are retiring or switching jobs to a location near your home and plan on driving less, get a new rate quote and lower your premiums by 20% or more. Remember to always tell the truth about the actual miles you drive monthly.

3. Where You Live 

If you live in a big city, there are going to be more automobile thefts and accidents. That’s just the reality of living in a congested, high crime rate area. This results in costlier premiums. In more rural areas, rates can be up to 50% cheaper. A smart tip on getting cheap car insurance is to move to a rural area that insurers charge less in. Compare zip code rates at Rodney D Young insurance in just a few seconds.

4. Your level of Insurance Coverage.

Another key component to securing cheaper auto insurance is the type of insurance coverage you buy. If you’re for the most part a safe, good driver with an older vehicle that’s not worth too much, then it might make sense to just get liability car ins. On the other hand, if you have bought a new vehicle that’s leased or even financed through a lender, you’ll be required in almost every case to carry full coverage, which includes collision and comprehensive. Once your loan is paid off in full, you will then have the chance to eliminate comprehensive, which is much more expensive. You can also save on premiums by choosing collision and not adding comprehensive. Also, it’s important to remember that the more assets you need to protect, the higher coverage limits will be needed. Choose an amount of insurance protection that will protect you and your family financially, in the unfortunate event you are sued in court and held liable for medical injuries and property damage. As the saying goes, hope for the best but always prepare for the worst case scenario.

5. Age and sex of the primary driver.

While older drivers that are 40 plus can get some good deals, teenagers are paying record high prices for vehicle coverage. This is largely due to a big surge in crashes involving teens, often attributed to distracted driving like cell phones, tablets and music devices. In fact, teenage boys are the costliest drivers to insure in the USA, as they get in many more incidents than young females. Women older than 25 can get cheaper car insurance rates than men, because stats show they get in less accidents and much fewer alcohol related DUIs. If you’re a younger motorist, get high grades at school so you can qualify for academic discounts. Another way for young people to lower their premiums is to take a driver safety class and get certified. These two often overlooked tips can save teens 15% or more on coverage.

6. Driving Record

Your driving record is a key factor that plays a large role in the rates you pay to get insured. The cleaner your driving record is, the cheaper your automobile insurance premiums will be. If you get any tickets, go to a traffic school right away so the DMV points do not end up on your record. Be a safe, responsible driver and you shouldn’t get any tickets. Having a clean record will save you 20% or more.

Shop for the best prices online at RodneyDYoung insurance. You can qualify on-line for instant car insurance discounts that can save you even more. Start your direct quote now.

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