Checklist to Find the Best Used Mercedes for Sale in the UK

Are you looking for a used Mercedes-Benz in the UK? Not sure how to inspect the car and check if it’s worth it? Make use of this handy checklist to find the best used Mercedes for you.

High price tags and a steep depreciation in value are some of the reasons why a large majority of car buyers in the UK opt for used vehicles. While there’s no doubt that investing in a used car is a sensible option, you still need to be street-smart to land the best deal.

You may have heard about instances where damaged cars are unloaded on unsuspecting buyers. To avoid this from happening to you, here’s a checklist of all that you have to consider while purchasing a used car in the UK.

The Mercedes-Benz Approved Used Programme

A simple way to avoid getting duped is to opt for the “Mercedes-Benz Approved Used Programme”. This programme helps used car buyers to get the best second-hand Mercedes for sale in the UK and protects them with the Mercedes guarantee along with a wide array of benefits.

Now that you’ve decided to buy a used Mercedes-Benz, here’s a list of all that you have to check when you inspect the car.


Start by kicking the tyres to see how they hold. Next, get down on your knees and take a closer look. Do they have enough tread? Make sure it doesn’t look like you’ll have to change them soon.

Scratches and Dents

Inspect the bodywork in broad daylight. Check for any signs of kerbing on the wheels. While small dents and scratches may look unsightly, it is easy and affordable to rectify them.

Panel Gaps

Inspect the car for any gaps between panels. If you can spot large panel gaps, then it means that the vehicle has been hastily repaired after a major crash. Also, check for colour differences between panels.

Fluid Levels

Take a look at all the fluid levels under the bonnet such as brake oil, engine oil and power steering fluid. Low levels signal poor maintenance. Also, check for any fluid leaks under the bonnet.

Under The Oil Cap

As you inspect the oil levels, it’s worth taking a peek under the oil cap. See if you spot any white substance that looks like mayonnaise. If yes, then it signals condensation. This occurs when oil is mixed with coolants and indicates a failure of the head gasket.

Make sure to check if the coolant expansion tank is clean.


Sit in the car and test the air-conditioning, radio, lights and everything else. Wind the windows up and down and check if the operation is smooth. While any fault can be repaired easily, spotting them could give you a leg up during the negotiation phase.


Examine the windscreen for any chips and cracks. If you find any crack on the driver’s eye line, then it could lead to a MOT failure. Check out the front, rear and fog lamps.


Don’t forget to test the car’s interior. Are there any visible tears and stains on the seats? Does it smell fresh? Bad smells like cigar smoke are very difficult to get rid of entirely.

Accessories and Spare Wheels

Does the car come with a spare wheel? If yes, is it in good condition? In the case of puncture, do you have the necessary accessories like a jack or adapter for replacing the tyre? Are they all provided?

Wear and Tear

Any used Mercedes-Benz will display some amount of wear and tear. What you have to check is if the wear and tear are consistent with the car’s mileage and age? A used car with very few miles clocked but displaying heavy signs of wear and tear should raise alarm bells.

The Bottom Line

While an increasing number of people show a preference for used cars in the UK, it’s definitely rewarding to be vigilant while selecting a used Mercedes-Benz. Print off this checklist and take it with you when you go the showroom to inspect your used car.

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