Choosing a Trustworthy Car Repair Mechanic

Is it time to get your car serviced? Or are you having some trouble with it and need to get it repaired. Irrespective of the scenario, here are some tips to help you choose the right car mechanic. After all, you can’t afford to leave your car in just anyone’s hands and expect them to do the job properly. So here are some tips to help you out.

Getting the Right Car Mechanic

Find a shop for your brand of car – There are garages that specialize in servicing only certain makes of cars. The car repair mechanic who focuses on your type is more likely to have the latest equipment and training to fix your vehicle.

Ask your family and friends – Seek recommendations from family and friends who own the same brand and car make as you. This will help you choose a professional who has a proven track record.

Check the car mechanic’s reputation by searching the Internet – Look for online information about local car repair mechanics on the Consumer Reports, Angie’s List, car repair estimator, and other online related lists.

Check for certification – It is best to choose a car repair mechanic and garage that is certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence, or ASE. This is the only certification that is important and matters, as it implies that the mechanic is truly trustworthy.

Check the Better Business Bureau – Garages rank 12th on the Better Business Bureau’s list of common complaints. So, check with the bureau’s recommendations on what is important and what can be avoided.

Give the car repair mechanic a tryout – Before your car needs a huge replacement or repair, try out the car mechanic’s skills with smaller maintenance items or repairs, such as filter and oil changes.

Ask about warranties – It is very important to know and understand the kind of guarantees and warranties offered by the car repair mechanic. Since warranties and guarantees vary, it is crucial to talk about these factors right at the start. Also, it is better to use a common repair, such as brake work, as your guide.

Make sure that the car repair mechanic’s location is convenient – Ensure that the car mechanic is located either close to your house or close to your office so that you can easily service your vehicle should you face a problem.

Look for a mechanic who is willing to show you the problem – A trustworthy car repair mechanic takes pains to explain the problem to you and provide you with proof of the problem. If the mechanic is not comfortable about letting you watch what he is doing, you cannot be sure that he is honest. If the mechanic is comfortable to show what he or she is doing, that mechanic can be trusted.

Go with your gut – If there is something that puts you off about a certain car repair mechanic, don’t leave your car with him and regret later if something goes wrong. Sometimes your gut can save you a lot of grief.

Compare Prices – If you have a list of car repair mechanics that you’d like to give your car to, ensure that you look for the best quote. Sometimes prices vary drastically from one car repair mechanic to the other and you can save money by doing this comparison.

Get everything in writing – When your vehicle is delivered to you after service, get a list of repairs done and work completed in writing from the car repair mechanic. Also, get guarantees offered in writing. Ask specifically whether any new parts have been installed if you’ve requested this. If the repairs are listed as items and if a problem occurs, you can show the mechanic the item in the bill and claim your guarantee accordingly.

Readily available – Check out the working hours of the car repair mechanic and if they work during the weekends or extended hours. A good car repair mechanic will understand the challenges faced by people and often adjust his or her work hours to offer services and repairs during the weekend or extended hours.

Ask about payment arrangements – Some car repair mechanics accept only cash and some accept both cash and cards. Some car repair mechanics offer discounts to regular customers. Being fully aware of payment options lets you plan how to handle it

Finally, it is better not to wait to find a repair shop. A good trusted car repair mechanic develops a personal relationship with each vehicle and each vehicle owner, and can advise you on any potential pitfalls related to the car

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