Claims FAQ: What to Do After a Car Accident Resulting in Vehicle Damage?

Considering you’ve been involved in a car accident that wasn’t your fault, you are entitled to claiming compensation for the damage. Both physical injuries as well as vehicle damage make you entitled to a monetary cover for the related expenses, whether you were the driver or travelling as a passenger. Learn here how to handle a claim in the best way:

  1. Make your case stronger

You need to ensure as soon as possible that you’ve taken steps to make it obvious that you were not guilty and that you suffered damage. Have the police make official records of everything – even of minor injuries or issues. Every bit of information and evidence is important. You should also get a copy of the report for safekeeping. Documentation will also make your case stronger, so include photos of the accident scene and the damage, plus all medical investigation papers and bills, travel tickets (like that of a flight you lost because of the accident), letter from your employer etc., to prove the consequences.

  1. Consult with a specialist

A talk with a specialist, other than the team inspecting the scene, can remind you of important details and structure the upcoming claim process. Get help from accident lawyers Sydney firms, where you will find specialist who have managed hundreds of similar cases. This will maximise your compensation amount and shorten the time until you obtain it.

  1. Estimate your compensation amount

You need to know how much you can claim. The amount can vary. Your solicitor of choice can assess the damage – what is immediately observable, as well as the future consequences (how long you’ll be skipping work and what that means in financial terms etc.). Specialists can definitely reach a more precise sum that you are entitled to. Any online claims calculator you may find, it will only give you a rough estimate. This is usually based only on the severity of your injury.

  1. Choose who will represent you

Now that you have gathered information and asked for specialist advice directly, you should choose who is going to represent you. This step is essential – otherwise the parts involved (such as your car insurance company) might trick you into accepting their solutions, which are not tailored to your advantage. Insurers frequently coerce accident victims into accepting a quick settlement instead of opting for the lengthy process that goes through the court. Also, personal solicitors have the know-how of presenting cases, so you can get a high compensatory amount.

  1. The immediate procedure

You can and should do this before anything else is handled: make a claim with the TAC. This must be done regardless of whose fault it was. The TAC can pay for medical treatment and rehabilitation, can assist you with your income issues and with all the aspects in your life that were compromised as a consequence of the accident. You are entitled to such help even if it was your fault. You may use the service for advice and even for financial support.

To conclude

The Australian Government has set up efficient means and regulations to cater to car (motorcycle, bus, train, etc.) accident victims regardless of their involvement in the course of events. Lodging auto insurance claims should be one of the priorities, along with getting adequate medical treatment – or right after.

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