Contract Lift vs Crane Hire: Which Is Right for You

Hiring a crane can be done in one of two ways; with a qualified crane driver who will operate it for you or on a self-drive basis where you will have to find someone qualified to carry out the task. There is no right or wrong answer – your decision will likely be based on whether you currently have a qualified crane driver to hand.

With that being said, there are several points for consideration that should be taken into account before coming to a decision. Here we’ll provide you with these points to assist you in the decision making process.

The Crane Hire Process

Whether you hire just the crane or the services of a driver from the same company as well, all reliability for the crane and the overall safety of its use lies with you as the hirer as soon as it leaves the public highway and enters your site.

This means that you are expected to be able to tell the driver exactly what they need to do as well as provide a competent operative who can act as a signalman and draft an appropriate risk assessment and method statement.

In addition, you will need to;

  • Make sure that the have the appropriate level of insurance in place as any damage to the crane is your responsibility.
  • Make sure that your insurance policy covers you in the event of any accident or injury arising from use of the crane you have hired.

As you can see, the level of responsibility is substantial which is why we suggest only the most competent of contractors take on this risk. Smaller construction companies are likely better off taking an alternative route to crane hire.

The Contract Lift Process

When procuring a contract lift, you will still receive a crane and a driver but the crane hire company will perform additional duties which transfers the onus of responsibility and liability to them.

The crane hire company will plan every aspect of the lift and will also usually tell you exactly which type of crane will be suitable for the intended job. The crane hire company will also be responsible for any loss or damage to the crane as well as the safety of the goods being lifted.

As you can see the additional benefits are substantial.

Additional points for consideration include;

  • A contract lift will usually be more expensive due to the extra planning involved.
  • You will often find that a contract lift is cheaper in real terms, even after a larger upfront capital cost as you will be able to fully absolve yourself of any potentially costly liability.

Hire Your Crane

The choice is yours but our preference would be for a contracted lift every time. Yes, the costs are greater but the additional peace of mind is priceless. If you’re near Yorkshire, crane hire in Huddersfield is available through one of several companies. We would suggest that you shortlist a few and approach them for a quotation and further advice.

Hiring and overseeing the operation of a crane is a considerable undertaking so always make an informed decision.

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