Custom Bajaj V15- Your Ultimate Bike on Road

Bajaj made a deep impact when it launched the BAJAJ V15 in the market in the month of February. This is due to the fact that Bajaj has manufactured this affordable bike for the people, the best one with the piece of the Indian history in its core that is the metal body from the ancestor INS Vikrant warship. It is the symbol of patriotism, this bike has an instant and unlimited success for its low budget tag that is only 62,000 and it has the engine of 150cc. it has the Vikrant badge that anyone can find on the fuel tank, there is nothing else that most of the users will remind of the history behind the bike.

The most noticeable difference of this model with the Vikrant one is that is the paint. The Bajaj V15 has the dual-tone color scheme and the bespoke and wonderful battleship grey scheme on the body. Eimor has done a good job in making the details of the bike having the illusion of each of the panels that are held together with the help of the rivets that are being applied all over the bike. You can check the Bajaj V15 Specification in the various magazines, on the internet to have a good knowledge on this vehicle. There are small rust spots on the body of the bike that will not show attention in detailing due to the color scheme of the bike.

According to the Bajaj V15 Review, The fuel tank is the main item of the bike. This component is made from the INS Vikrant’s metal structure. Though, Bajaj was putting the INS Vikrant logo on the body of the bike, but Eimor has taken the concept in another level by airbrushing the aerial view of the body’s naval carrier on the top region of the bike. There are no mechanical changes done by the EIMOR on the bike of Bajaj v15. It is having 149.5cc single cylinder, air cooling engine and the peak torque of about 550rpm.

These features of the bike will never dissatisfy the bikers. You can check the Bajaj V15 price in India if you want to buy this bike from any one of the Indian dealerships.


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