Custom Stripes For Cars And Other Objects

Car pinstriping is a process wherein a thin dash of paint or other similar material is applied to a vehicle such as a car for decorative purposes. Generally, auto enthusiasts use this technique to provide a unique look for their vehicles. Custom stripes for cars could be as plain as curving lines that cover the car’s fenders, or could get complex as a mural painted on the hood of a vehicle.

Tape Stripes

Auto pinstriping and aftermarket go hand-in-hand. These already cut stripes’ surface is glossy vinyl on one side – the other side having heavy-duty adhesive. Though the stripes are cut already, they can be customized further using a razor blade or scissors for creating one’s own design or to change the length and width of the stripes.


Patterned pinstripes could be applied using paint. Also, they can be bought as pre-packaged tape variant. There are several ready-made designs on offer – including barbed wire, flames, elaborated line patterns and skull. Generally, hand-drawn patterns are more creative and elaborate. But also are more time-consuming for vehicle painting, especially when compared to putting the pattern tape down.


Using pinstriping of different colors helps your car look unique and grab attention. For instance, red pinstripes on a blue car, or yellow pinstriping on a green vehicle could add more boldness and personality to the pattern. However, always ensure the color used for striping matches the car prior to applying the stripes. For example, brown striping usually is not something you would put on a black bike as the colors do not contrast much, resulting in the brown hue not standing out.

Hand Painting

Painting pinstripes manually could be a tough task, but can also be fairly rewarding provided it’s executed properly. Creating a pattern idea or getting an artist to design the pattern and then putting it on the car is ideal to add a custom and unique appearance to any pinstriped car. Hand painting also provides an added level of uniqueness through personal touches such as subtle shading that doesn’t come with automated paint jobs.

Besides cars, pinstripes can be used on several other objects. Here is the info:


Pinstriping walls could make a room look formal or light-textured. Also, it could bring in lighter colors that could complement or match other décor items in the area. For instance, rooms with cream color walls, burgundy and cream furniture, and cream and black damask accent pillows should go well with bold black pinstripes. This should help bring the room together.


An old furniture piece can get a new lease of life with pinstriping. For the best outcome, furniture with carved details or several rounded lines should not be pinstriped. Generally, pinstripes go well with furniture that has well-defined, straight lines – such as Mission-style pieces. Paint, refinish or restore the furniture piece for pinstriping and delineating lines using a painter’s tape. In case of wood furniture, you could retain a complete wood grain appearance if you strip a portion of the varnish as a portion of the pinstriping technique, later re-staining it in a darker or lighter tone.

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