Customizing Your Ride on a Budget

Customizing your car can be an expensive endeavor. Depending on how specific you want your custom paint job or specialty part, quotes will often just start in the thousands range.  An inexpensive yet effective way to economically upgrade your ride is to do so with decals for every part of your car – and we don’t mean with tacky bullet hole or stick family stickers.  

The Bumper Sticker
There’s a reason bumper stickers have been a staple amongst car enthusiasts for decades: they’re inexpensive and immediately add your personality to your vehicle.  Modern bumper stickers however don’t have to depict crass cartoon characters or asking other drivers to honk if they like the same things as you.  Today’s bumper stickers are completely customizable with photography, classic artworks, or ultra contemporary graphic designed.  Worried about the resale value of your car? Fret not! Adhesive vinyl nowadays is made from removable vinyl that’ll peel off cleanly without leaving any residue.  

Racing Stripes

Racing stripes aren’t just for NASCAR anymore.  A thick racing stripe on the side of your vehicle or slimmer ones down the middle of your hook can make for a sleek luxe upgrade.  Furthermore, the vinyl material can be applied easily with a squeegee and removed if you get tired of it.

Interior Vinyl

Similarly you can upgrade the interior of your ride with removable vinyl as well.  Custom vinyl coverings for your dashboard and interface are available in pretty much any colour you could imagine.  To take things a step further try customizing parts of dashboard with patterned vinyl such as camouflage, animal prints, or an uber trendy galaxy motif.  This upgrade is also practical as lighter colours and materials on your dash and interface can help cool down the interior of your vehicle.

Windows & Rear Windshield

Even when it’s time to remove your “Baby On Board” sign or upgrade from your stick people family you don’t have to shy away from customizing your windows or rear windshields.  Simple borders, pine tree silhouettes, or mandalas for your rear windshield made of removable vinyl can still give your ride a fun upgrade without making it look immature. Static clings of your favorite logos or sayings can still give your windows personality and are easily removed and replaced from ride to ride.

Headlight Film
One of the least expensive car customizations is to pick up a roll of headlight film.  For under twenty dollars you can easily upgrade your tail lights, headlights, fog lights, even interior lights into many various bright and cool colours. Headlight films are also available in tints to give your ride an industrial edge, or with holographic finishes to give it a bold futuristic upgrade.  

Tire Cover

Even though you hardly see them, tire covers can be a bulky eyesore of your vehicle.  However, since most tire covers are the same size, getting different decals for your tire cover can be a simple and affordable upgrade.  Try a custom decal of a family crest, a superhero’s famous shield, or even flags and nature motifs. For the more graphic designed inclined, try creating a vintage crossed arrow emblem with simple pictograms or initials that relate to you or your family.  Tire cover decals can adhere easily to even fabric covers, and at a low cost can be switched up seasonally or as your mood strikes.

Custom vehicle upgrades don’t have to be done at pricey body shops, and don’t even need to be permanent fixtures of your vehicle.  There are also websites that make creating high quality car decals for all parts of your car intuitive and simple.  Next time you want a quick and simple upgrade, opt for an affordable and less permanent decal one.  

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