Dead Key Battery? Here’s How To Get In The Car And Start Your Mercedes Benz

Technology today offers opportunities for Mercedes Benz owners to enjoy innovations such as power locks, power windows, and keyless-go. Keyless-go is a feature that allows users to start the engine without any keys. However, there are situations when the key fob battery died and you cannot enter. Here are ways to get into your Mercedes and start the vehicle even with a dead battery.

Changing the Battery

Changing the battery of your key fob can help you enter the vehicle. If you are in a location where batteries are accessible, then a good suggestion is to find a replacement. You can do this by opening the area that contains the battery. It is a silver and circular in size. Then, you can see a number inside which serve as an indicator. If you have trouble finding one, you can always look at Mercedes parts online providers.

Unlocking the door

There is a way to unlock the door of your Mercedes from the outside. Like numerous car manufacturers, Mercedes has its unlocking services where you can learn how to open your vehicle even if the key fob is malfunctioning. For instance, there is essential information available on the company website that tells you about the unlocking process. Some vehicles also have the mbrace service that helps deal with the problem.

Manual Unlock

You can also try to perform a manual unlocking of the vehicle. The process involves trying to check if your key fob contains a small mechanical key. You can remove it by locating a small latch and pulling the key outwards. You can then insert the key to the opening and access the driver’s door. Then you can make the necessary checks and determine whether you need new Mercedes parts online to fix the problem.

Starting the Vehicle

Starting your Mercedes with a dead key battery vehicle requires specific steps. The first one involves removing the ‘Start/Stop’ button. Use your fingers to pull the button up. This allows you to remove the button from the ignition and insert your mechanical key. Next, you need to place the transmission to park while pressing the brake button. Lastly, you need to turn the key and start the engine. After the engine cranks, you can release the key.

Next Steps

After starting your engine, you should return the Start/Stop button back to the ignition. You then need to go and find a battery for your key fob from reputable stores or sellers of Mercedes parts online. Once you find the battery replacement, you just need to start the vehicle again. If you require professional assistance, you can always consult with a mechanic capable of changing the old battery to a new one.

The Bottom Line

Overall, key fobs like any piece of technology can fail due to certain factors. The points above aim to help you address the situation and continue operating your Mercedes vehicle. Having knowledge where to get the mechanical key, open the door, and start the engine manually give you the confidence to address the emergency in a calm and controlled manner.
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