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If you do not know much about the Pewag company, you are certainly not alone. In fact, you are one among millions of other people outside the industry. However, it is a strong possibility that certain individuals who have needed the finest in chains and associated products in the past are quite familiar with the quality and durability of the Pewag company’s products.

Company history shows the business’s first reference was in the late 15th century. More detailed history shows the company offering quality chain since the 18th century. In the following centuries, Pewag has become a respected leader among chain manufacturers, as it continues to offer state-of-the-art products in the traction chain, industrial chain, and tire-protection chain categories.

Great Partners

For more than three decades, UK customers have had access to these top-shelf products while working with the sole UK importer and distributor of Pewag security chains and related equipment. The list of items includes industrial chains from the first manufacturer that introduced Grade 120 chains and components. Pewag won the Pinnacle Award in 2004 for best product innovation in the category.

The UK supplier also offers tire-protection chains unmatched in quality and strength, as well as traction chains, such as the SNOX self-mounting chain for passenger cars. You can learn more about the extensive range of products available by visiting the website of this top supplier. Browse the chains for lifting, lashing, mechanical handling, and tire protection.

You will also have access to bike security chains, stainless-steel pump-lifting chains, and the entire range of lifting products. For example, the VKK chain meets or exceeds the highest quality standards and is popular for use in securing bicycles, motorcycles, and other personal property. The combination of alloy composition and expert heat treatment gives the chains an outstanding core and surface hardness.

Your Choice

The popular VKK security chains are available in silver, electro-plated finish, or the untreated black finish, originally produced for the U.S. market. In addition to offering the finest chains for protecting your property, this leading supplier also offers ready-assembled chain slings and lashing systems. These special-use products can generally be sent to you on the day you order them, with delivery through next-day carrier.

If you are interested in the Pewag Winner Pro G12 chain sling, it is available on request. When you call a knowledgeable representative, be sure to ask about the range of plate-lifting clamps, lifting magnets, and DNV master links. Your UK supplier is the main agent for Nitchi and Eller hoisting products, such as both manual and electric chain hoists, beam clamps, beam trolleys, and wire-rope pullers.

The outstanding inventory includes Black Pin Fed Speck shackles, DNV chain slings, hoist chains, and hand chains, as well as forestry logging chain systems and specialty chains for hot-dip galvanizing plants. When you browse the site, be sure to look for tyre-protection products, snow chains, and AutoSocks too. For the strongest, most-reliable items in the world of chains, lifting equipment and more, the Pewag company is your source.

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