Do Your Part for the Environment–Scrap Your Car

There comes a time when a car is no longer safe to drive or proves to be too expensive to maintain. If you want to do your part for the environment and make money at the same time, you should consider selling your car to a scrap metal recycler.

End of Life Vehicles

End of life vehicles also referred to as ELVs, are always welcome at a scrap metal recycler as they contain both non-ferrous and ferrous metals. However, before the metals are recovered, an ELV must have any hazardous materials in the ELV removed. This process is performed in a de-pollution workshop.

Scrap metal recyclers take all makes and models of scrap cars in Bury St. Edmunds, regardless of their condition, history, or the amount of damage. All you need to do to sell your vehicle is provide a photo I.D. and V5 log book. Either a driving licence or passport can be used for identification. The company will contact the Driver and Vehicle Licencing Agency (DVLA) to report the destruction of the vehicle. You, in turn, will receive a certificate when the car has been scrapped.

Ferrous and Non-ferrous Metals

Scrap metals may include practically anything made of metal. While most people have this type of metal in their business or residence, they do not realise its value, or that it can be purchased by a metal recycler.

When metals are scrapped, all types of ferrous metals are collected. The metals are bought in all sizes and grades. Non-ferrous metals are also purchased at a metal scrap yard. Non-ferrous metals are represented by the following:

●    Copper

●    Brass

●    Aluminium

●    Gunmetal

●    Copper/aluminium cable

●    Lead

While metals can be collected, free of charge, by a scrap recycler’s vehicle, you can also deliver the metals to one of the recycler’s locations.

The Scrap Metal Market

If you want to sell metal, regardless of its type or origin, you need to know a bit about the market. Like anything else that is bought and sold, the price of metal is dependent on the supply and demand. When the metal is in high demand, you can get a better price for your metal than when the market demand is low. Therefore, you can get a reasonable price for your metal, provided it is a metal that is in high demand.

Currently, copper is a favourite metal in the scrap metal industry. Consequently, you will receive more for selling this metal than when offering other metals, such as aluminium. If your primary concern is to sell your ELV, you need to be aware that you are held accountable for your car until the DVLA says otherwise. As noted, the DVLA must acknowledge that your car has been demolished and is no longer considered roadworthy.

Whether you scrap your car or sell individual pieces of scrap metal, you are doing your part for the environment. By selling scrap metal, you are reducing the level of pollution that is produced when metals are not reused. Do you have a scrap car or scrap metal to sell? See an ATF or scrap recycler today and make a sale.

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