Do Your Tyres Need Replacement

Given the driving habits of most people, tyres typically need to be replaced more often than other car parts or accessories. However, a tyre’s useful life still depends on the car owner’s driving habits, tyre maintenance, and where a person lives. In order to ensure safety, inspect your vehicle’s tyres each month. You need to review the following factors to check tyre quality.

Tread Wear

One of the indicators that shows your tyres need to be replaced is the tread depth. Tread depth should not generally be less than 1.6 mm.

Uneven Tyre Wear

You also need to review your tread for uneven wear patterns. Any imbalance in this regard indicates that the tyres need replacement.

A Bulge Protruding on a Sidewall

Have your tyres replaced immediately by South Glamorgan garage services personnel if you see a bulge on a sidewall. A bulge is hazardous as it can lead to tyre failure.

Punctures in the Tread

Naturally, you do not want to see punctures in the tread of your tyres, especially if they are bigger than 6mm. You should also never make a repair to a tyre that is worn past 1mm.

Replacing All Your Tyres

Tyres should also be replaced if they have been lacerated or have become flat due to a blowout. If you are buying replacement tyres, you should have all four of your tyres switched out at one time. For maximum control and handling, make sure all the tyres are the same brand and size.

If you choose to purchase just two tyres because of cost constraints, then make sure that they match the existing tyres. Also, check to make sure that this type of purchase is permitted by the vehicle manufacturer and your local laws. If you want to enjoy improved stability and traction, and you are only buying two tyres, place them on the rear axle.

You should avoid fitting tyres that display varying speed ratings. However, if you do fit tyres with different ratings, always install matched pairs on the same axle of the car. The load-carrying capacity of your new tyres should be equal to or greater than the specs indicated by the vehicle manufacturer.


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