Does insurance cover car’s body styling kit?

Body styling kits are a quick, simple way for car owners to change the look of their cars. They can usually be installed very easily, and are made from plastic, so can be removed when needed. However, not many consumers know how these changes may affect their insurance. For starters, any change to a vehicle that’s not declared can leave a driver uninsured. While this usually refers to modifications made to the engine or lowering the car, cosmetic changes can also cause insurance costs to rise, or even policies to be cancelled. Therefore, if one is installed, then the driver should report this to their insurer. But will their body styling kit be covered by the policy?

Professional fitting

Car insurers are more likely to cover modifications if they’re done professionally. Visiting a body shop and getting a body kit installed is better than having an amateur try to do it themselves. Once installed, the driver can then speak to their insurer about updating their policy to reflect the changes. This makes it more likely that damages to new spoilers or side skirts will be covered.

Cosmetic damage

Those who haven’t properly read their insurance policy should look at what’s covered in terms of cosmetic damage. Some policies will cover everything from bumpers to car paint, whereas others will only cover getting the car back on the road.

Car value

Adding modifications such as a car body kit can often increase the value of a car. If this isn’t declared to the insurance company, and the car is subsequently stolen or written-off, then the owner may find they can only claim for the original value. Again, this highlights why it’s so important for car owners to always let insurers know when something changes. An increase in the value can also mean a car is more vulnerable to theft, and so owners might want to look at adding extra security features.

Insurance claims

If a car with specialist features such as a body kit is damaged, then it’s important to take it to expert panel beaters. Look at sites such as, as they have the expertise to fix structural and cosmetic issues, which can include damage to body kits. By taking it to the experts, it’s more likely that insurers will cover the work. Not every garage can carry out insurance work, and so drivers should ensure that they pick the right place to do the job.

Do insurance companies cover body kits? A lot of policies won’t cover this sort of cosmetic damage, but if the driver has declared their modifications there’s a better chance of the claim going through. By taking the car to a specialist garage, there’s a better chance it’ll be covered by insurance, and the repair can be carried out to a higher standard. Luckily, body kits aren’t too expensive to replace, so even if drivers do pay out of pocket, it isn’t usually as costly as body repairs can be.

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