Everything You Need to Know About Car Breakers

Car breaking probably sounds like the coolest job ever. However, despite what the name will have you believe, car breakers don’t spend their days smashing cars into pieces. Car breaking is a professional service that is becoming more and more important nowadays. Proper disposal of metallic waste materials is very important as it can cause serious harm to the environment if metallic waste isn’t recycled. If you are thinking of disposing of your car and want a quick injection of cash, you should contact a car breaker.

What Does a Car Breaker Really Do?

Car breakers are essentially recycling specialists. They will take your old vehicle and take it to the salvage yard. All working parts from the vehicle will be removed and the vehicle will be scrapped using hydraulic machines to crush it down. Rather than leaving your old car to gather dust and place a burden on the environment, you should call car breakers in West Midlands to take care of the scrapped vehicle. There are legal requirements that need to be met at the time of disposal. Professional car breakers follow all legal and environmental guidelines when scrapping vehicles.

Selling Your Car to a Breaker

If your vehicle has neared the end of its life and isn’t in a drivable condition, you should call a car breaker. Most breakers offer quick collection and pick-up services. They will send over a team of specialists and a recovery vehicle to pick up your car and deliver it to their station. The car will be valued by the specialist and you will be paid on the spot, either by cash or cheque. You can also request an estimate online through the company’s website. Just enter basic information for your car such as the make and model and upload pictures of your car. The company will email you a competitive quote.


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