Heavy Duty Vehicles on the Highways

There is always a need to move goods from point A to point B for various reasons. It may be sales goods, heavy duty machine carrying vehicles and trailers or food traveling in refrigerated transport. Goods are hauled on interstate highways and therefore we need an adequate supply of emergency services and technicians to keep trucks running safely on the highways.

Truck Repair Companies are therefore essential and whether the vehicles be heavy duty haulage vehicles with trailers or refrigerated trucks, all encounter problems on occasions and need repairs, very often, en route. Repairing these heavy-duty vehicles and trailers can be a headache at the best of times and the need for certified repair companies, ready for any emergency, is essential. Such companies as Mobile Truck Services Inc based in Myrtle Beach and operating in the South Carolina areas are one such registered entity.

Repairing trucks on the highway has its problems especially refrigerated vehicles where goods have a certain ‘travel time’. These goods often need to be transferred to another vehicle and the problem truck towed to the repairer’s yard. These interstate operating trucking companies must have vehicles that comply with the FTA (Federal Transit Administration) in all respects and therefore the repair company is required to be licensed to carry out repairs on these vehicles. Towing vehicles, especially large heavy duty rigs can be extremely problematic unless the repair company is knowledgeable in all aspects of towing which is also a licensed operation.

It becomes important for any transport company that the towing company that will tow the vehicle will also repair it subject to FMCSA guidelines. This means that a licensed company must effect the repairs also. Likewise, in the case of all heavy-duty trucking companies, roadworthiness is subject to Federal Regulations.(FMCSA) It is also the responsibility of the trucking company to make sure the inspection decal is clearly shown so that the repair company is able to verify that the inspection date is valid.

All repairs are subject to the adherence of the FMCSA, including new parts which must meet the FMCSA criteria. Also, inspection must be performed after repairs have been carried out by an inspector licensed by the FMCSA as referred to in§393.3 part 396of the FMCSA regulations.

Truck repairs are therefore not all that simple. If a truck or horse and trailer rig is to be towed for repairs or repaired on the highway such as a minor breakdown, a highway accident report must be made to the FMCSA by the vehicle owner showing the cause of the breakdown or, in the case of an accident at which the repairer is called to, a report must be made by him also.

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