How is a Motability car different from a regular one?

The aspects related to disabled persons are always complicated to summarize in an article. There are many different types and degrees of disabilities, so the circumstances of each case are really particular and what works for some may not work for others. When people talk about disabled people and road safety, the people we have in mind are people with reduced mobility, ignoring other types of disability such as mental, hearing or visual disabilities.

Options for all pockets

First of all, it is essential to differentiate between the different ways in which a vehicle can be adapted to the needs of people with disabilities since the cost also depends on this. A car can be adjusted electronically or mechanically, but the former is usually more expensive than the latter, although it is more functional as it is carried out employing pulleys. In any case, the bottom line is that almost all manufacturers are now able to adapt their cars to disabled drivers, so there is plenty to choose from and compare prices.

The pedals, behind the wheel

One of the most critical elements of the car is the accelerator and brakes, and this is also one of the most significant concerns for people with leg disabilities. The solution is placing it in front or behind the steering wheel so that it can be operated easily. The most common adaptation is as a ring that is pressed with the hands.

Facilities for getting in and out of the car

 There are also accommodations for people with disabilities that allow them to get in and out of the vehicle, and these are seats that rotate at an angle of 90º, both for the driver’s and occupant’s seat. There are also seats that come directly out of the car, and people can even install power ramps for wheelchairs. Although everything has a cost, there are aids to cover part of the costs of your smart car motability.

Adapted complements

There are countless accessories on the market to make driving more comfortable for people with disabilities. For example, there are pedal bases for people of reduced height, activation of wipers adapted to the left hand or flashing lights on the right-hand side. There is also a wide range of useful accessories such as extra mirrors or mirrors with different dimensions and sizes than usual, which makes it easier to see inside the vehicle.

Always certified

Finally, it should be remembered that all devices included in the car must be certified. It is therefore essential to adapt the vehicle in workshops like Sandown Group which provides guarantees, as without them it will not be possible to drive the car. Let’s not let all the effort in adapting the car to feel the pleasure of driving be in vain.

Adapting a vehicle to the needs of each case is not complicated, and there are many workshops in the United Kingdom that do it, do a Google search. Remember that driving is a pleasure that never gets old.

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