How to Calculate the Price of a Used Motorcycle

Do you want to sell your motorcycle but do not know what price to put it? Vehicles are the fastest-depreciating products with the passage of time, in fact, it is considered that only by buying it and taking it out on the street, the value of it decreases up to 18%. For this reason it can be somewhat complicated to determine the price of a second-hand vehicle so that you get buyers and the price is also interesting for you. In this article of a How we are going to tell you how to calculate the price of a used motorcycle giving you some tips that will help you sell it.

Steps to follow:

1   To be able to stipulate the price of a second-hand motorcycle, car dealers usually consult different statistical tables that are offered by some private companies and that, under payment, offer you a guide price on the most adjusted price in the market. It is a very useful tool that helps determine the most suitable PVP for the type of motorcycle you want to sell, mileage and registration. However, this type of program is of a high cost that is not worthwhile for private use.

You should know that the aspects to take into account to determine the value of a vehicle are the following:

  • Depreciation of the motorcycle in time
  • The price of a breakdown or repair
  • Motorbike model
  • Registration year
  • Mileage
  • Extras (if you have one installed)

With all this data you can start to get a little closer to the real value that your motorcycle currently has in the market with its characteristics.

2    We have already indicated that, from the moment you take the motorcycle from the dealer when you buy it, its price starts to devalue. But not only the time that has been running is a factor that affects the sales price but also, there are other factors that can accelerate the devaluation of the vehicle:

  • Strident color: motorcycles that are too bright colors can make the market price less than neutral colors.
  • Scratches on the body: any type of damage that the vehicle has leads to the reduction of its value in the market.
  • Wheels in poor condition: will also lead to a decrease in the price if the wheels are smooth (without drawing) or in poor condition.
  • Without ITV: it will also lower the PVP to a large extent if the motorcycle you want to sell does not have the last ITV or does not have the updated maintenance book.

3    As we recommend that the best time to sell a second hand motorcycle is, at most, the third or fourth year after the purchase because, after this, it will be difficult to find an interesting buyer and for the price that they are going to pay you for it, it is almost better that you stay and continue to take advantage of the years of useful life that remain.

To be able to calculate the price of a used motorcycle, the easiest and safest thing is to go to a specialized workshop in motorcycles that can make a valuation of your vehicle; you can also go to a buying and selling store so they can give you an indicative price and help you determine its value in the market.

4    As a general rule, a vehicle loses 18% of its fair value upon registration, as we have already indicated. During the first 3 or 4 years, its depreciation is 10% annually and, after this time, the decline stabilizes at 5% per year. Although these data are not the same for all motorcycles since other factors will depend on, for example, the market demand or the elements that we have pointed out previously.

5     Another way to put the price on a used bike is to go online. There are different online tools that help you to make an approximate appraisal of the vehicle and that can help you get oriented and try with a starting price. Although another option is that you go to different websites to buy and sell and analyze the price that other sellers usually put on bikes similar to yours, it is a good way to adjust to the market and to know where prices are moving.

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Article Source: Tape Daily

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