How to Choose the Best Rental Car for You

So, you have booked your flights, found a good hotel and packed the passports but what about your rental car? Many people leave booking a hire car until the last minute as they get caught up in the excitement of going on holiday but if you want to ensure you get the make and model you want at a reasonable price, then you will need to book your rental early. Lots of business travellers opt to rent a car when visiting a big city, as navigating the local public transport can be hard work. It is easy to find a car hire company in London by searching online for an affordable deal but knowing which car you should rent isn’t such a simple task.

We have created some useful information for anyone wanting to rent a car to help to ensure you find one that best suits your budget, as well as your needs.

Business Travellers

When you visit a city for business purposes, there are a number of good reasons why you should rent a car. Firstly, it provides you with a simple way to be able to get around without having to work out local bus routes or train schedules. You will have the freedom to go where you want, whenever you need to and this can be hugely advantageous to business travellers.

Secondly, renting a luxury car such as a Mercedes can be an effective way to make a good impression on business partners and clients. Jumping off a bus and into a meeting will not give a good first impression, especially in comparison to the impact you will make if you step out of a prestigious rental car.

Here are some of the types of cars that are ideal for business travellers in a big city such as London:

  • Mini Cooper
  • Toyota Prius
  • Mercedes S Class
  • Mercedes C Class
  • Mercedes CLS Grande Edition
  • Mercedes E Class Convertible
  • Range Rover Vogue

Some business travellers in large cities like to drive a big car in order to feel safe on unfamiliar roads, while others will prefer to drive smaller cars designed especially for tackling busy city roads. Which type of car you choose is up to personal preference but anyone renting a car for business purposes (such as getting to a meeting) should always ensure they choose a make and model that will give a good first impression.

Rental Car


When you rent a car because you are on holiday and you need to be able to travel around to explore, practicality will play a pivotal role when choosing which car to rent.

Here are some important things to factor into your decision:

  • How many people will be travelling in the car?
  • Will any children be in the car?
  • How far do you want to travel?
  • How comfortable is the car?
  • Which makes and models come highly recommended in reviews?

When you rent a car to explore a holiday destination, you want to ensure you rent something that is both practical and comfortable. A good way to learn more about the vehicles available is to read some online customer reviews to see what other people have to say about their experiences.

If you are travelling with children, you may need to enquire about extras such as a child safety seat and you should also ensure that the interior space is large enough for everyone to be seated comfortably. If you don’t plan on going far in the rental car, then you can opt for a slightly smaller cheaper option but if you want to thoroughly explore a destination, then you might prefer to get a larger vehicle.

It is important to check with the rental company to see if there is a limit on the mileage you are allowed to do, as well as look into the terms and conditions of the rental deal to see if there are any limitations about whether you can take the car into another state or country.

Other Reasons to Rent

If you need to rent a car as your car is in the garage, because you are between cars or you simply don’t want to commit to buying a car at the moment, then you will need to take all of the below points into consideration:

  • How often you will use the car
  • Who will drive the car
  • How old the possible drivers are
  • What make and model suits your lifestyle
  • How large you need the car to be
  • What types of roads you will generally be driving on

Where you plan to drive the vehicle will dramatically affect which type of car you should rent. For example, you might want to rent a Range Rover Sport if you plan on taking the car off-road or driving it on rough surfaces but a BMW 5 Series will be far more suitable if you simply want to get to work and back during a city-based commute.

Handy Rental Tips

One thing that all renters will need to do is set out a budget, as this will help to ensure you know exactly how much you can afford to spend on your rental. You should also fill up with petrol before you return the car to avoid incurring additional charges and you will need to check the car over for any damage before you drive the car away. Always compare rates from different rental companies but remember that the cheapest deal may not include necessities such as fully comprehensive insurance and breakdown cover, so check out the value of the deal rather than just the price.

Renting a car is a great way to get around for a number of different purposes, from business to leisure and by following the above advice, you will find easy to find the ideal vehicle to suit you.

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