How to Find an Expert Car Body Repair Shop

Whether your car has been damaged in a car accident or something else, finding the best car body repair shop is often a long process with many details and questions involved. Probably the best way to get a few recommendations is by word of mouth, so asking a few friends where they have had work done will point you in a starting direction. However, once you’ve identified a few options that are local, it is important to ask questions and make sure the shop offers every service that you need.

Experience and Certifications

Always check that the shop you are considering has plenty of experience with mobile car body repairs in Telford, and see what types of jobs they have most recently completed. If it isn’t listed on the website, consider calling them to ask about certifications or previous apprenticeships. A shop that is certified with positive customer reviews will be capable of handling whatever type of repair you need.

Estimates and Warranties

When shopping for a car body repair shop, the prices can range widely. For this reason, it is important to get an evaluation and pricing estimate for any work, as well as a warranty. Some more affordable shops do not offer a warranty, which is risky if something were to happen after the work is completed. In addition to checking for certifications and getting a price estimate, use these tips for further evaluation.

  • Consider the location of the shop. Closer is better because you will be able to interact with them in person.
  • Contact your automobile insurance provider, and see if they will work with the auto body shop in paying for the damages.
  • Use a shop that is focused on finishing touches. Attention to detail is a must, and the best jobs will restore the car’s original value prior to the accident.

Ultimately, follow your intuition, choose a shop that will be the best fit for you and your repair needs, and enjoy a like-new car once you pick it up from the shop.




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