How To Find Your Next Land Rover

Many people who have owned a Land Rover will happily admit that they could not see themselves driving a different vehicle in the future.  Land Rovers are generally well built, reliable and comfortable as well as easy to drive.  They are exceptionally capable vehicles and it is highly likely that should you need or wish to sell your Land Rover you will look at buying another one.  The question is; what is the best method of finding your next Land Rover?

Before you can answer this properly you will need to decide whether you are looking to purchase a new Land Rover or a pre-owned one.  The age of the vehicle may make a difference to your search:

The Main Dealer

A visit to your local Land Rover dealer will establish what stock they have and what price bracket their vehicles occupy.  This is an excellent starting point; it will establish what types of Land Rover you can afford.  It will also give you the opportunity to test drive any that you are interested in.  Alongside this you may find it beneficial to discuss finance options with the dealer.  Land Rover dealers will often have access to Land Rover only finance deals which can be very attractive.  This is also a good time to discuss a trade in if you have one.  In general, a Land Rover which has been looked after by the dealer will get the best response!

The main dealer will be in touch with other dealers across the country and is likely to be able to get hold of a vehicle which fits your specification and colour.  This is very helpful if you have chosen a specific model and are struggling to find one.

A Specialist

Alternatively you can visit someone who specializes in Land Rover sales, parts and repairs.  They will probably have a huge amount of knowledge which they can share regarding your intended purchase.  They may also be able to put you in touch with someone who is selling the Land Rover you want.  Although there are no guarantees, the local specialist can be an extremely useful contact.

Used Car sales lot

It is also possible to find a pre-owned Land Rover in a used car lot, mixed in with other vehicles.  Land Rovers which find their way into used car lots are generally older, although this does not mean they are a worse option.  You can even find relatively new ones which are just not wanted anymore.  Searching for a Land Rover in a used car lot requires patience but can be a very rewarding experience.

Private sale

Of course, you can purchase any vehicle through a private sale.  You will need to look at local bulletin boards, internet forums and adverts, and even magazines to find the right vehicle.  This can be an effective way to pick up a car cheaper than at a Land Rover dealer.   However, you must also exercise caution as there are much less controls and regulations over private car sales; it is easy to be conned or sold an unroadworthy vehicle with very little comeback.

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