How to Improve Safety When on Your Motorcycle?

Owning a motorcycle is fun.  While they are generally considered to be more dangerous than travelling in a car, much of this is related to how other drivers react to bikers.  Even motorcyclists who attempt to comply with every law of the road are at risk of becoming a statistic; it is a sad fact of life that many drivers simply do not see a motorcyclist.

There are several ways in which you can help other road users to see you and avoid an impending accident.  The first step in deciding which of these options will be best suited to your bike is to look at the products available from a reputable supplier.   

The following accessories can all help you to keep you safe:

fz09 akrapovic exhaust

Noisy exhausts are generally considered to be a social issue or a statement.  However, a louder exhaust than standard, such as the fz09 akrapovic exhaust, can bring additional attention to your bike and help people to realize that you are there.  Whilst this may not be the cheapest of options available to you it is one that will improve the look, sound and safety of your motorcycle.  That only makes the cost worthwhile.

Body Armor & Helmet

In many countries it is a legal requirement to wear a motorcycle helmet.  However this is not the case in America.  Although it is certainly cool not to wear one; they have been proven to save lives.  It is worth considering purchasing one with a high visibility pattern or even something a little different on it, such as rabbit ears!

In fact, it is possible to purchase a helmet with lights built into it to assist other road users to see you.  Body armor is also a valuable addition to improve your safety; although it would be better not to be in an accident in the first instance.

Tool Kit

Purchasing a simple tool kit can ensure you are able to maintain your bike properly.  If you are unsure of what should be done but are keen to maintain the bike yourself, then you should consider enrolling on a basic safety course and purchasing a manual for your bike.  However, it is important to realize that maintenance is important and should be completed properly; if you have any doubts use a professional service.

High Vis

It is worth considering adding high visibility to your bike and wearing a high visibility vest.  Both of these items can help you to catch the eye of a driver or be seen in their headlights.  High visibility stripes on your bike can be easily and discreetly added.  They do not need to affect the look of the bike.

It is worth considering that the best approach to motorcycle safety is to take extra precautions before and during your ride.  Being aware of what other road users are doing and the potential hazards is the best approach to staying safe; even if it is sometimes the most difficult.

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