How to Prolong the Life of Your Car’s Battery?

Without the battery, the car won’t run. Typically, the life of a battery can last between three to five years, showing that the better car owners maintain their batteries, the longer they will last. Prestige Car Removal Brisbane offers the following advice to prolong the life of your battery.

Things to Do

1.Check the water (electrolyte) level of your car. For the sake of the battery, its longevity, and so that the car starts in the morning, check the water level of the battery is important and should be done regularly. Car owners should check their batteries once or twice a month during the hot weather, or when the temperature is high.  Only distilled water (boiled and allowed to cool) should be used when adding water to the battery.

2.Be sure the battery is clean. Cleaning the terminals of the battery as well as removing dirt with warm soapy water is essential for the life of your battery. When the battery is dirty, it will self-discharge quicker. When cleaning the battery be sure to make certain that the terminals are well-connected.

3.Regularly charge your battery. Regardless of how many times a week your car is driven it still drains the battery when the car is off. With this in mind, experts suggest that car batteries be charged once a week.

4.Never overcharge your battery. When lead batteries are overcharged, they will let out oxygen and hydrogen gases that can cause the car to break down the water composition in the battery, or explode.

5.When parking the car, park it in a shady spot. When car batteries are exposed to high temperature it does shorten the life of the battery. Parking your car in a shady spot will help to prolong the battery’s lifespan.

6.Don’t run car accessories until the car is started. Car batteries are designed so that they provide power for the ignition of the car. Therefore, if you plan on using any car accessories like electronic and other devices, be sure the car is started first.

7.Do not sit idle for long periods of time.  Cars that idle too long suffer the consequences of the alternator not being able to charge the battery. Don’t park the car and let it sit; drive it around at least for an hour or more each week, and do not allow your car to idle too long.

8.Insulating your car’s battery will protect the battery from extreme temperatures. Most car shops sell insulation kits that help your battery to stay a proper temperature regardless of the weather conditions.

9.Be sure that the battery is secure and free from vibration. Damage to the battery can result if it is exposed to continuous shaking, which in turn can cause malfunction.

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