How To Protect Cars From Scratches? Investing In A Car Is No Joke

It’s very costly, you have to maintain a lot of things like changing engine oil from time, check the fluid level, the brakes, the tires, add  coolant in your raditor, and constantly refueling as needed.

As much as possible you must avoid unnecessary expenses and one of these is scratches from your car which costs approximately from $1000- $3500 depending on the quality of paint used.

To do so, below are ways to minimize unwanted additional costs.

Start By Cleaning Your Windshield

When on a long ride and you stop by a gasoline station, try to clean your wipers first. Life both wipers to remove the dirt or dust using water and cloth.

By doing this, it will thwart scratches on your windshield.

Use microfiber towel for wiping the glass first then sprinkle it with water. Wipe it again with a dry towel.

Fluid tank on washer must be full in case you want to wash out the dust that has accumulated on your glass auto. Never turn on your wipers on a dry glass.

Better exchange your old wipers to a new one to prevent scratches. There are a lot of auto stores who sell it and it’s easy to install by yourself.

Clean Your Car From Top To Bottom

If your car has a lot of dirt, dust, and mud then make sure to wash the top first with water using a hose before washing at the bottom. Using your clean microfiber towel, wash your car with car wash solution or car shampoo (preferred) to avoid or minimize dirt at the bottom of your car to stick on your towel when wiping again to the top.

Use more than one microfiber towel, don’t use a soiled towel when wiping your car. If you only have one towel, make sure to wash it thoroughly before using it again.

The preferred way is to use 2 buckets with grit guard. This will allow the dust or dirt be stuck at the bottom the and not stick to your towel.

Never used soap since it will strip the protective coating the like sealant protection or wax on your auto.

Use Car Wax

Car wax serves a protective coat to your vehicle and to protect also the paint. It’s the reason for the shiny looks and slippery touch. Wax helps decrease the friction of an object to your vehicle to fully minimize the probability scratches.

Some have different opinions when it comes to how frequently you add a coat to your auto. To determine this, you must know the conditions of your environment on your location.

If it’s bad, apply more coat frequently.

You will know that you need to apply another coat again when the water does not slide on your car when poured.

During Winter


This has been difficult to some since most carwashes are closed at this time. Mostly car wash is done at home.

 At home, if you’re planning to wash your car try to see if it’s sunny or temperature is at its highest and that usually happens at lunch. You will know that when the sun is directly above.

This will aid in heating up your car.

Too cold to wash a car?

Be sure to warm yourself by wearing thick clothes, waterproof jackets, and boots.

Make sure to turn on the vehicle to increase the auto’s body temperature while preparing hot water to spray on your car whether heating it or through a heating water pipe.

When Parked At Home

Make it a habit to protect your car by covering it with a car cover. Not only will it protect from scratchs but will also protect it from direct sunlight.

Park it inside the garage, to avoid passer by that would intentionally scratch it with no reason and any unforeseen incidents like hailstorms that could damage your car.

Clean as Needed?

You need to clean right away if you see any bird droppings or insects to prevent damage on the paint.

Drive Carefully

It’s always safe to keep a certain distance from any vehicle to avoid graze or accidents.

When driving in a rocky road, drive slowly to perevent small rocks from hitting your car.


It always pays to be vigilant and extra careful in handling or using your car. Benefits from doing so will save you a lot of money.

Not only does it extend the lifespan of a vehicle but also maintains it performance and funtion.

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