How to Select the Perfect Campervan Rental

You’ve been looking forward to taking a vacation for some time. And after all, why not? You work hard, and it’s only right that you be treated to the kind of recreation you wish. What’s more, taking a holiday can be a great way to see new places, experience new cultures, get in touch with nature, and just have some fun!

That is, of course, unless you break down on the way to wherever it is you’re headed. A campervan is one of the camping essentials for many Kiwis looking for adventure in the great outdoors. If you’re looking to rent a campervan in NZ, this brief guide can help make sure you get the best model for your needs.

Trip Duration

First things first – just how long do you plan to be vacationing, anyway? The length of your vacation is bound to play a big role in the determining factors described below. With that being said, however, such a situation can present something of a catch-22 for customers – how can you make vacation plans without a proper van, but then how can you select the right van without knowing the nature of your trip? The best answer is to try to plan both in concordance with one another.

Size Matters

Few factors are more important when it comes to campervan selection than the question of size. This, again, will tie back in with the duration of your trip – the longer your holiday, the likelier you are to want to invest in a larger campervan. After all, no one wants to spend two weeks crammed inside a small van! And on the flip side, a full-on RV might not be necessary for a quick weekend trip into the woods.

Campervans and RVs

This in turn brings us to the question of campervans and larger RV units. There is a lot of variation with regard to the way in which both terms are used, so you’ll want to look into individual models. Still, the same basic question holds – are you looking for something more on the “van” side, the primary function of which is to simply get you to your campsite, or are you looking for a more mobile home-esque type of model? In either case, you should always ask about a vehicle’s prior history before renting, to ensure that you’re getting a quality rental.

Luxury versus Authenticity

And now we come to a more existential question for campers – do you prefer living it up in the lap of luxury or “roughing it” in the great outdoors? If you prefer the former, then you’re naturally going to prefer a campervan which is fitted out with all the latest modern amenities. If the latter option appeals to you more, you’re going to want to find a campervan which strikes a balance with what you consider a more “authentic” camping experience.

All this and more can help you find the perfect campervan rental!

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