How To Sell Scrap Cars

You may have a tarp over the car and with the first wind off it went, and there it sat. That rusted, deteriorating car that you’ve been doing everything, so you don’t have to see it. With Eagle Car Removal, you can get rid of your damaged car with ease.

Selling Your Scrap Car

When selling a scrap car, you may not think that you have many options. Guess again. You have an array of car removal companies in Brisbane alone that you can contact for a quote, shopping for the best price for your car. Eagle Car Removal buys scrap cars, paying our customers cash for their cars.

We buy scrap cars of every make and condition, offering our customers quick quotes over the phone and online.

When selling a scrap car the description of the car that you provide to our appraiser is every bit as important as if you were selling a used car. Our appraiser will want a thorough description of the car to make a cash quote for the car.

Getting Your Scrap Car Sold

1. Contact an appraiser at Eagle Car Removal for an instant cash quote.
2. Accept or reject our quote.
3. Schedule a free removal anywhere in Brisbane.

Eagle Car Removal is in the position to buy scrap cars, paying top cash because we recycle the cars. Our recyclers are among the top in Brisbane, taking deteriorated cars and recycling the cars for their scrap metals.

When our technician arrives to buy the car, putting the amount we quoted over the phone or online into your hand in cash, please have documentation that the car is legally yours, it parked in an easy to access area, and the plates for the car removed. Our technician will provide all other paperwork for a legal sale, and do all the strenuous work of loading the car.

For more information on our services, or to obtain a cash quote, contact Eagle Car Removal at the number below. Quotes can also be obtained by visiting our homepage to complete our online “Get a Quote” form at the top right of the page.

Get a top dollar quote for your scrap car in Brisbane by calling Eagle Car Removal at 07 3275 2178.

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