How To Sell Your Accident Car In Brisbane For Quick Cash

If your insurance company has paid your claim for your car and told you that the car is yours to do with what you want; a quick solution to sell the car for fast cash is to call QLD Car Removal. We are a removal company in Brisbane that pays you for your accident condition car.

What’s under the hood of your car? Are there a few good working parts left under its hood? Then, we will pull the parts and recondition them to quality used parts for resale. Nothing left under the hood? There is still plenty of scrap metals of the car unless it was completely deteriorated in the accident. We will buy the car to recycle its scrap metals. When you have an accident car, you can get it sold to us no matter what its condition.

We are wreckers & recyclers that pay you cash for accident cars. Our buying system is one that is fair, and one that is convenient. We will make you a cash quote for your car over the phone or online. Once quotes are received, you then have the option to accept or reject our cash quote.

Get a cash quote one of two ways:

  1.    Contact us over the phone with the details of your car for an instant cash quote from a QLD Car Removal appraiser.
  2.    Visit our homepage to request a cash quote by providing the requested information on our online form.

Cash quotes are quick and easy to obtain, and if you don’t like our cash offer just reject it. There is never any pressure to accept our quote.

Should you accept the cash quote, let us know a time today, tomorrow, or a few days into the future that you have about an hour’s spare time for us to arrive, buy and remove your car. Our removals are quick and at the time of your free accident car removal Brisbane we will provide the paperwork for the sale of your car and our cash payment for the car. The process is quick and convenient.

Get A Quote    

To obtain a cash quote, please contact us at the number below. Quotes can also be obtained by visiting our homepage and completing our online form. Get an instant cash quote for your accident car of any make and condition.

Call us at 07 3172 2366.

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