How to Take Care of Your Vehicle with Preventive Maintenance

To help ensure that your car stays in good shape, you need to take it in for preventative maintenance. However, newer cars don’t require maintenance as often as their predecessors. This information can help you establish habits to take care of your car and learn when to take it in for preventative maintenance such as:

  • Oil changes
  • Tune-ups
  • Filter changes
  • Tyre changes
  • Brake maintenance

Check Fluid Levels

To make sure that your car runs well, you should check the levels of your oil, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, coolant, and window washer fluid. However, they do not need to be checked at the same time.

You should check the oil, coolant, and window washer fluid once a month. The oil should be changed every 4,800 to 8,000 kilometres; check the owner’s manual for guidance on your specific vehicle. The transmission and brake fluids can be checked once a year and changed every 48,300 to 80,500 kilometres.

Replace Filters

It is important to keep the air, fuel, and oil filters clean so they can help keep debris out of your motor. Have the oil filter replaced during an oil change. When you take your car in for garage services in Rotherham, they can check the air and fuel filters; however, an air filter can usually go 24,000 to 120,000 kilometres before replacement and a fuel filter may last the lifetime of your car.

Always refer to your car’s owner’s manual to determine when your car needs preventive servicing to keep it in top condition.

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