Ignoring Automotive Social Media Today Means Loss of Better Opportunities

Majority of people related to automotive industry see social media as a potent tool for understanding as well as engaging customers. Consumers are spending majority of their shopping journey online, so a car dealership need not underestimate the potency of social media marketing tool.

Recently, Peugeot used Vine platform to launch its RCZ R models first teaser campaign. On the other hand Renault unveiled Twingo car via an ‘online striptease’ on Twitter.

Why tap social media marketing tool for car sales?

Chief Marketing Officer Council says that car manufacturers need to tap the social media power for sales. It needs to be used in a mishmash of data analytics along with natural language directed towards interested customers on the basis of their preference and position they hold in purchase cycle.

Surveys also found that automotive marketers still trust search, email, digital loyal programs, and online advertising to be more efficient digital marketing tools for capturing new consumers in comparison to social media.

Senior marketers need to consider social media integration

According to executive director at CMO council, social networks represent a vital marketing role for the automotive sector. Senior marketers need to identify its capacity of delivering actionable and real-time insights, which can help to drive the overall marketing success.

They need to perceive its worthiness as dynamic route for influencing brand penchant and purchase. It is time they take steps to integrate social media directly in their sales channel and use it for delivering organic leads.

Incredible reports

Social media analytics reveal that more than 40% customers said that they would confer with the social media prior making next car purchase, while currently more than 25% use this platform to discuss purchase experience.

Many customers purchase cars infrequently but remember they have high emotional attraction with them, so car industry need to stay attuned with social media. Cars are very expensive and people depend on them for transportation but there are some who believe that their cars resemble them, which fuels a little passion.

Power of the social media

Let’s understand the power of social networking with an example. In April 2009, Fiesta Movement was launched to gauge social media marketing campaign effectiveness. A small car taken from American manufacturer was transformed into a new Fiesta B and around 100 of these cars were placed in the hands of youngsters, who skillfully participate in social media activities. Varieties of missions were assigned related to themes like adventure, volunteerism, design, and style.

Right participants were chosen in this sharing content era. In its 9 month period the Fiesta Movement generated significant interest in this small upcoming car. This campaign resulted in advance bookings of 6,000 cars from 50 states along with 100,000 likes among which 97% never drive Ford model.

In addition, through an associated nation-wide test program Fiesta was seen by 162,000 consumers in person or online, while 35,000 people took test drive.

Anyone can open popular car Facebook fan pages social media car brands to read the discussions and make their car purchase decision.

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