Illustration of Different Types of Brake Rotors and Their Advantages

Every car is different from another car and so is every driver as his/her style of driving can vary a lot. This is the reason why there are multiple preferences about different automotive parts beyond the manufacturer provided parts. Many people like to improve various functioning or modulate functions with the installation of a different pattern of automotive parts, and brake rotors is just one such type. The brake systems play a vital role in controlling the braking power of your car. However,  it is a fact that it is not your brakes which stop your car, but it is your tires. There are different types of rotors available in the market, and you can choose any one as per your preference, however, for that, you need to have a little bit of conception about each type.

Smooth Rotors 

These types of rotors are  preferred by smooth drivers, luxury car drivers who in general do not like rash driving. It is very beneficial and most suitable option for those seeking for a brake system with high-end longevity without pad changes in a regular interval. However, for that, you may need to compromise on aggressive driving. Therefore, it is the best budget option to achieve:

  • Long lasting pad life
  • Noise-free brake operations
  • Low level of dust

Drilled Rotors

When you need to drive on wet roads, or most preferably in rainy zones, the best option to keep a grip on your driving safety is to look for brake rotors as it offers  a better-wet bite. With drilled rotor, the advantage the weight is extensively reduced to around 0.2 pounds per rotor; however, the size of the rotors and the drill pattern can affect the weight reduction. They offer an extensive range of friction level as well provides ing a safer drive in wet areas.

Slotted Rotors

These rotors are popularly known for their consistent friction level and help in avoiding the reduction of friction scale owing to lubrication of brake pad particles or even due to outgassing of pads. The slots help to shave away any particular formulation of glaze that occurs due to overheating of pads. This in return exposes fresh pad material whenever brakes are used, enhancing the performance consistency. These types of rotors are common preference in cases of massive trucks or SUVs which seek for an exclusive bite for easy towing.

Slotted and Drilled

In any situation, when you are looking for something midway between slotted rotors and drilled rotors, then this is the most effective choice.  However, these rotors are not meant particularly for track cars. Moreover, in BMW series and Mercedes, nowadays you could easily find this type of rotors integrated as an OEM parts within the manufactured model. In case if you like to gauge the performance records, it is true that this type cannot surpass the performance scale of drilled rotors.

2 Piece Floating Rotors

This type of rotors has an additional feature and thus permits replaceable iron made friction rings which are attached to the float hardware. Key point to note is every time the rotors heat under aggressive driving, the ring expands avoiding getting trapped by the center part. Consequently, it further helps to prevent coming or even abrasion of the brake pads, limits rotor cracking as well as wear and tear of the spongy pedals. Often due to excessive heating of rotors, the bearing also gets damaged owing to conduction of heat. However, the design of friction rings helps to reduce the heat conduction and enhances the longevity of the bearings as well. It is one of the most preferred rotor types for heavy vehicles like trucks.

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