Importance Of Using Emergency Lights The Right Way

Working on highways as an emergency responder can be a hazardous job. Emergency lights can be your best friends in such situations. There’s no denying that certain types of lighting is essential for warning approaching drivers of your presence, it’s also believed that you should always use the right type of lighting and that there shouldn’t be too much of it.

In fact, too much of lighting may increase the risks to those working on the scene.

Use Emergency Lights Carefully

There’s ample proof that shows that more lighting is not always better than lesser amount of lighting. But evidence also shows that using combination of flashing lights and other lights could create the moth-effect on the motorists who are approaching the lights. So, you should be careful to use the right kind of emergency lighting and keep a control on how much lighting is used.

So when it comes to emergency lighting from PSE Amber Warning Products, you should consider the following:

  • When you need to use the lights
  • How the lights are used
  • The location of the lights
  • The types of lights

PSE Amber Warning Products

Usually you are not given any lessons on this topic, but this is crucial for your own safety and of everyone around you including the motorists and pedestrians on the road.

In the past turning off lights was considered as a safe option for first responders, new technology has actually made things ‘safer’ than ever before. It is now possible to ‘dim’ or turn off some of the lights while keeping the others on. The new strategy is to turn off just some of the emergency lights and not all of them.

Control Systems for Your Emergency Lighting

The latest emergency lights come with controls that make it easier for you to configure your lights for optimal safety. But if you have old light and siren systems, how can you configure them for better control. In such a case, you will have to use controls and switches for retrofitting the older systems.

Many studies have blamed the way lighting is used and the moth-effect. These studies have shown how motorists approaching scenes can be easily blinded by the wrong usage of light. The fact is that lights are not the actual problem in such emergency situations but the way they are used. So make sure that you are not only using the right lighting system from PSE Amber Warning Products but using them the right way.

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