Important uses of Boom trucks

Boom trucks play a vital part at many places. They perform various roles at a construction site like carrying heavy materials; they are also used for loading and unloading of heavy shipment and then transporting it. A boom truck increases the work efficiency wherever they are used. Manual labor will take twice or thrice the time and effort than a boom truck to complete a task. They can also avoid fatal accidents of the labors that can occur while lifting or carrying heavy items. They are affordable in price with their versatile nature in capacity. Boom trucks & cranes by BIK boom trucks are of premium quality at a practical price.

Some major uses of boom trucks are-

Flatbed truck – Another major use of a boom truck is transporting. If there are some shipments arriving on a port, boom truck can hoist them up and carry to another site. For this purpose, you can use a boom truck and avoid hiring a crane and a truck separately for lifting and transporting. They are useful at places like harbors where heavy items are transported; on airports; or on construction sites that require load of heavy materials. Lifting and transporting heavy weight items is very common at such places and thus, boom trucks are very useful there.

Hydraulic crane – Boom trucks can be used as cranes to lift very heavy items. Products that are required to be hoisted and transferred to some levels up are lifted by boom trucks. At the product site, if there are shapeless, heavy rocks that can’t be carried away by workers, they can easily be removed by these boom trucks. They make the job easier and faster and reduce man force. They also eliminate the need of really heavy cranes and their expenses. They vary in their capacities ranging from ability to lift heavy items to very heavy items.

Personnel hoist – Often at times, workers or technicians need to sight a building or tower from different angles. Boom trucks come handy in these situations. If technicians need to be hoisted at about 100 feet high, for setting up an antenna; or if an architecture needs to view a building from different angles to ensure the its structure, it is easily possible with boom trucks. They have huge man-baskets that can easily carry two technicians, safely to the top. In boom trucks, there are reduced risks of falling off the ladder or if the workers want to work on a man-lift.

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