Is Synthetic Motor Oil Better than Conventional for Your Car Parts?

Whether you drive your car to work, spend time on the weekend working on your hobby vehicle, or some combination of both, you need to keep your automobile working very well. It’s an incredibly difficult task to keep a fully functional vehicle. If you’ve had your automobile for a little while, you know how expensive and how difficult maintaining it can be. The 21st century is great for vehicle owners, because you can now find automobile parts online. Buying car parts online gives you the opportunity to search through a bunch of different options for parts. One of the biggest choices you can make is choosing between synthetic and conventional oil. Each one is going to have some significant advantages and a few disadvantages as well. If you visit My Tyres, you can compare synthetic and conventional yourself. Here are some of the differences.

Synthetic Oil

Synthetic motor oil is called that because it is created in a laboratory, instead of produced from fossil fuel pulled out of the ground. The first thing you’ll probably notice is the price; synthetic oil is about three times as expensive as comparable conventional oil. That might seem like a disadvantage, but really, it’s a tradeoff. Synthetic oil tends to last about four times as long as conventional oil. If you have the means to pay the increased cost up front, you can save money in a few thousand miles when you don’t have to replace your oil.

Synthetic oil is also rated for much lower temperatures than conventional oil. If you live in a very cold climate, you can trust your car with synthetic oil to start on a very cold morning. Synthetic oil also comes equipped with several kinds of detergent, depending on the brand, that will help it run longer between oil changes. It’s pretty obvious that synthetic oil can be best for your car parts, especially if you don’t plan to change your oil very often. You can find different kinds of synthetic at My Tyres to compare it to conventional.

Conventional Oil

Conventional oil is much less expensive than synthetic motor oil. It is made from fossil fuels that are drilled from the earth. This is the way oil has always been created. It is considered ‘dirtier’ than synthetic oil, but that’s not entirely true. Synthetic oil is made from various caustic chemicals, and it also requires various ‘dirty’ processes to create. Conventional oil isn’t obviously the choice more harmful to the environment. What about your car, though?

You’re going to have to replace parts occasionally on your car. You can find some great parts at 123 Spare Parts. Before you have to replace them, though, you should take great care of them. Changing your conventional oil regularly will help you keep your parts healthy. Conventional oil doesn’t last as long as synthetic, but it also doesn’t cost nearly as much. You might be changing it a little more often, but you’ll be paying less up front.

Conventional oil is more than adequate for your needs, but synthetic oil will allow you to go much longer between oil changes.

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