Is Windshield Repair Covered by Insurance?

Car insurance policy that includes comprehensive coverage may help you to pay for auto glass replacement as long as it was hit by rock or other objects. Besides, this coverage could also cover the damage due to perils like theft, fire, failing objects, and hail. However, the full glass coverage may only be available in some states. By using the full glass coverage, you will not be required to pay the deductible for the windshield. You must check the coverage with your agent to make sure that this option is available in your area.

Will I pay a deductible?

It depends on the policy and area you live in. typically, the car insurance policy will only pay the amount of claim up to the limit of the policy. If a glass claim to windshield replacement costs about USD 200 and the deducible in your comprehensive coverage is USD 500 then you may end up to pay the entire out-of-pocket. But there are several things that could make you not pay the deductible when making claim for a glass repair and replacement.

∙                     If the glass repair stated in comprehensive coverage agreement;

∙                     If you have chosen the coverage of full glass;

∙                     And if the law of the state mandated that there is no deductible applied.

Long story short, the comprehensive coverage for your car may help you to pay for the repair cost in several scenarios. Rock cracking is just one of the possible risks amend by the insurance company. The deductible will be depended on the coverage type you have purchased and also the law in your state. Basically, damage on the windshield can be prevented. But if you have proper coverage for your vehicles then it will help you when you need auto glass repair. Still, it is much better to be prepared.

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